View Full Version : Adderall and hair follicle drug test (not showing up)

08-02-16, 01:50 PM
This is my first post here, and I hope that I am posting in the correct section.
I just recently took a pre employment 5 panel hair follicle drug test.
I am prescribed 60 mg of adderall ir daily.
I was never given the option to let anyone know there about my prescription.
To my understanding I should fail for amphetamines and they would call and ask for a prescription.
Well I never got a call from the MRO and HR at the company I am being hired at called and said everything is clear and I'm good to start.

Has this ever happened to anyone?
I'm alittle sketched out because I didn't get a call to give my prescription.

It's been 2 weeks sense they took my hair.

08-02-16, 04:20 PM
Did you declare a disability in your application form? :grouphug:

08-02-16, 05:50 PM
I will say though. The company I will be working for does their own in house physicals. There I was asked if I took any medications, which I stated I take adderall. At that time I asked about writing it down for the drug test, but was informed that they send the sample out. So on the actual drug test paperwork there is no indication of me taking any medication.
Before leaving the nurse told me that after my drug test I would most likely be contacted by an MRO to confirm my prescription, which I was not contacted about.
I would just hate to put in my two weeks notice, then they call and say there was a mix up and blah blah blah