View Full Version : Vyvanse 20mg giving me anxiety?

08-02-16, 02:53 PM
Hello everyone! Since I'm still new to this forum I'll start with a short background - I was diagnosed with Adult ADD not too long ago and my doctor and I are currently trying to find the right medication for me. So far I've tried Stattera, Concerta, Adderall, and was just put on Vyvanse a little over a month ago. I didn't feel anything with the Stattera, but with the Concerta and the Adderall I got really bad anxiety and my depression worsened. With the Vyvanse, my doctor started me off at 10mg, which from what I've read is extremely low. I don't think I noticed any significant differences while on the 10mg,maybe improved mood but not sure if that's because of the Vyvanse or something else. BUT, it did not make me feel anxious or jittery and paranoid like the Adderall and Concerta did. I just had another appointment with my doctor last week and she bumped it up to 20mg. With the 20mg I am feeling moderate anxiety (high heart rate, fidgety, shaky hands, frustration, etc.) and I'm still not sure if it's working. Everyone says that you will just KNOW when it's working but how will you know??? From what I've read and heard from friends, ADD meds are supposed to make you feel calm. So if it's giving my anxiety does that mean it isn't working? Or can ADD meds make you feel anxious while still working? I'm sorry for so many questions but I'm feeling so hopeless at the moment. It really feels like I'm not going to be able to find something that works for me. :/

Note: I am also on 75mg of Effexor and 50mg Amitriptyline for depression and anxiety.

08-03-16, 06:12 AM
You could ask your doctor to try another dosage between 10mg and 20mg.

A good pharmacy should be able to make you 12.5mg, 15.0mg, 17.5mg capsules of Vyvanse.

Mind you might have to pay decanting the med on your own.