View Full Version : IT's DONE !!! L6C6F6R Morningstar on piano !!!!

08-03-16, 04:52 PM
I've done it ! I've done it ! I've done it ! I've done it ! I've done it ! I've done it !

3 whole weeks hours of piano (not electric, used the wing), lyrics, played till fingers bled and no not like last time, this uses melodies and various complex accords - combination of notes mixing minor and major and I can play it ove and over again and there is build up, it's consequent, a chorus and songs used I composed over the years

The downside is aside from bad quality don't have equipment and only one day to record.

SO damn PROUD ! Just played to my mother and she loves it. Not cuz she's my mother, my best friends also liked it ! I have a first recording but absolute crp quality... Let me see tomorrow if I can post the whole thing

Based on Lucifer character from the series combined with The Devil from Blue Stahli

Between 6 and 8 minutes

DJ Bill
08-03-16, 06:28 PM we get to hear it? Making Good music is a lot of work, more than folks listening realize.

08-04-16, 03:20 AM
Depends, if I see any enthusiasm. So far I don't think so, facebook.

08-04-16, 03:24 AM
PLEASE post this :)

08-04-16, 03:40 AM
Congrats Ocyan :)

08-04-16, 04:03 AM
I want to hear!! :D