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08-07-16, 05:44 PM
So I'll be to the point...or try to be :-):

On medication for a while now for ADHD. Was prescribed generic Adderall IR which had too many side effects, including anxiety. Switched to generic dextroamphetamine IR which has worked better as a treatment for my symptoms with less side effects.

Three Dex IR Experiences:
Mallinckrodt : Not the strongest but very smooth and clean. Good for treating symptoms
Core: Stronger than the mallinckrodt but not quite as smooth or clean. Still ok.
Barr: Hit hard. Almost adderall like for the first few days, however more of the side effects that one would associate with adderall. Seems as though more of the levo was left in but what do I know.

The Pharmacies' in my area do not carry the Mallinckrodt's anymore, so left with either Core, Barr, or Sandoz.

Anyone have experience with recent generic Sandoz Dexadrine IR?

If you had the choice of the Core, Barr ,or Sandoz at the pharmacy, which would you choose?

Little Missy
08-07-16, 07:03 PM
Sandoz :)

08-07-16, 11:36 PM
Perfect, thank you very much!

Small diatribe after viewing a few threads: I know much is said about variances in generics...some say yes..some say no. All I can say is I felt/feel a difference (yes...the different binders/factors with inhibiting or antagonizing /body ph/ food consumed, yada, yada, etc). If someone doesn't notice a difference, that's great. If they do, great. Both are welcome. Sorry, but I don't want to make this a debate on that subject as the threads that do veer into bababooeyville.

LM nothing against you, because you're response was right on the money!

Little Missy
08-08-16, 09:43 AM
oh...whoops. I thought it was an Adderall thread.

Little Nut
08-08-16, 10:30 AM
MVB, There is alot of "incest" in the ADHD med producers. By this I mean a producer will sell the product under their name and a different supplier rebrands it. Example is Wilshire and Zenzedi are made by the same manufacturer (forget who). So if you find generics that you are "happy" with and they are unavailable, check to see if there is an identical one just w/ a different brand name. -LN

08-08-16, 06:26 PM
Amend or something like that, I think. You're right, I'll suppose I need to look into who manufactures Mallinckrodt's.