View Full Version : Supplements for Autism & ADHD teen

08-08-16, 06:36 AM
My son:
13 years old
Will go to 8th grade
Fully inclusion setting in public school with limited support from aide
Has aspergers & ADHD.

Issues he has are: attention span, sensory, emotional control

He has been on ADHD medication (Concerta 27mg) from the past 18 months. Medication game him some stability. We noticed some side effects: Weight loss, Taking breathing more explicitly, Less socialization, More anxiety.

Due to the side effects with allopathic medicine, we wanted to start supplements. We consulted a Registered Dietitian, she suggested the following supplements:
Nature's Way EFA Blend for Children, 120 Softgels.
Probiotics (ABx Support veg caps)

Are we on the right track from the supplements point of view?


08-08-16, 07:31 AM
I don't know about autism but apparently omega 3 has shown positive effects on adhd symptoms in some early inconclusive studies.

In general, as healthy a diet and lifestyle can only help.

I'm not sure about the supplements you mentioned. I hope someone else will.know more.