View Full Version : L6C6F6R Morningstar on Steinway & Sons wing piano

08-08-16, 10:42 AM
THIS VERSION ISN'T FINAL - I forgot a 2 minute melody. When I get back to Switzerland I'll add it. Also, a wing piano gives a lot more subtle vibes than my old beaten camera. The lyrics are uncensored and therefor on the commentary on the video, not here.

After I listened to 'Blue Stahli''s 'The Devil' and started humming the chorus, a melody came to mind that evolved into something I could connect with the lead character from the series 'Lucifer'.

Throw in a bottle of the Devil's liquid in the corner of the room, as I remembered some old songs of mine and my fingers carried me away.

I may not be the best at the game but I'm the best at enjoying myself when I let my mind carry its way. Way too much to care about anything else

08-08-16, 10:45 AM
'Watch this video on YouTube. Playback on other websites has been disabled by the video owner.'

Maybe change something in the settings so we can play it from this thread?

I'm not really initiated in piano music, but it sounds nice :)

08-08-16, 11:43 AM
Wow dude, well done! I especially liked it when it picked up towards the end there...around 04:45, also at 05:15...very pretty!

Also, you must've fixed it as it's playing back just fine for me here in this thread.

08-09-16, 01:27 PM
Totally amazing!!!

08-09-16, 04:56 PM
Can't listen to it now but will as soon as I can. Am quite excited! !!