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08-08-16, 12:14 PM

I have a 9 year old diagnosed with ADHD 2 years ago. We have tried some medicine through pediatric physician but stopped it due to the side effects. We have been to psychology office a few times, but feel that the benefits is negligible, and the psychologist think he is on the mild side of ADHD spectrum.

Though we have been giving him a host of natural supplements throughout the last 2 years and delighted to see his impulsive and attentive symptoms are reducing, but we still think he needs more help in Mood Swing (being Negative and Critical which led to fightings), and Speech. His main problem in speech is in the areas of Fluency, and Thoughts Gathering or Cohesive of Thoughts.

We are thinking to line him up in a 6-month wait-list for experienced pediatric psychiatry in Children Hospital. However, given what we want to achieve above, i.e. Mood Swing + Speech Fluency, does it matter to see a psychiatry to perform a more thorough diagnosis of different types of ADHD?

I mean, what could an experienced psychiatrist do better than a Pediatric Physician + a Psychologist have done so far?

Or has anyone tried Speech Therapist on ADHD kid?

Thanks Much

08-08-16, 12:48 PM
The peds psychiatrist should have better knowledge of the meds, how to titrate them to prevent most side effects and find the most helpful dose.

The meds help with developing skills that will stick with your son even if you stop the meds later.

08-10-16, 05:30 PM
I agree with Lunacie. There's something different about having the person prescribing the medication who really knows their stuff. Totally different than having a GP prescribe med based on a psychologist's recommendation.

Psychiatrists talk about these meds with their colleagues ... they go to conferences, swap stories, give each advice on difficult cases ... they know very small differences in meds can make huge differences ... They understand side effects much better, for example, than GP's ... and can make recommendations for limiting side effects.

Sometimes they develop an intuitive feel for what med a patient will be react to ....So I think seeing the pediatric psychiatrist is an excellent move ... much better than having a psychologist + GP. Don't get me wrong. I love psychologists and I go to therapy as well as get treated for meds ...

So think in terms of keeping the psychologist but adding the pediatric psychiatrist. I use my GP as backup ... my former psychiatrist moved out of town, for example, and my GP prescribed meds for a few months until i found a new one. She was comfortable with that.

Good luck.


08-12-16, 11:51 PM
I haven't found psychiatry to be much more useful than a general practitioner, but if you're not getting relief, it makes sense to see someone else. Put him on the wait list, try to look for someone else in the meantime, and cancel the waitlist appointment in the future if it turns out you don't need it.