View Full Version : Does ADD get misdiagnosed as PDD-NOS?

08-08-16, 04:20 PM
About 10 years ago at the point I was really stuck in life, I got diagnosed PDD-NOS. After that I have had some different forms of therapy for it. However, in group therapy with other people on the autistic spectrum it always seemed like I was really encountering different problems from them. It didn't feel like it was particularly suited to me.

After I finished all kinds of therapies I kept struggling in life, especially with study and relationships. Not too long ago during a particularly bad period when I really didn't know what to do with myself any more I came across a site that mentioned the symptoms of ADD. Everything seemed to fit so well with the troubles I was encountering. When I went to the doctor he gave me a prescription for ritalin and a referral to a psychiatrist. Three weeks ago it was confirmed that I indeed have ADD.

The diagnosis PDD-NOS to me has always seemed like explaining quite little of my problems. I have an extended social circle, can empathise with people etc. I have read a lot about disorders on the autistic spectrum being misdiagnosed as ADD/ADHD. However, I read little about it being the other way around: ADD being misdiagnosed as PDD-NOS. Is that something that is possible and regularly occurs?