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08-08-16, 05:12 PM
Hey everyone this is my first time posting on here. To give a little back story I'm 17 and have ADD. I was diagnosed in grade 6 and was put on 15mg Adderall XR. It improved my abilities at school drastically. Keep in mind that at this age I had less control over myself and going on Adderall was the best choice.

Jump forward to half way thorough grade 10 I was on 10mg Adderall XR and I decided I would try going without it. Within the first few days I felt better. I didn't feel like I was living with a foggy mind and my mood just got better. I went through all of grade 11 without taking any meds and my grades actually improved. Instead of being at a C+ average I was getting all A's and B's.

Unfortuantly their is some downsides that I noticed right away. The biggest one is crippling indecisiveness. The problem would come and go but when it occurred it would ruin my life for a period of time. They mostly related to decisions about how to spend my time. Simple things like should I play this game that I tried but didn't like. I would end up downloading it over and over changing my mind about it. It took around a week before I came to a conclusion. Small things that would not be a problem for most people affected me hugely.

Now skip forward to present I'm still dealing with the indecisiveness and at times I'm fine but other times it's unbearable. Combine that with the other issues I have like Social anxiety (Was diagnosed with that as well) and other symptoms that I think the ADD is causing me which is going over the same thing in my head over and over again. An example could be what things am I going to do that day and repeating them for no reason in my head. Sometimes I'm fine and other times these symptoms of ADD ruin my life.

So my question is should I go back on Adderall 10mg XR? I'm nervous of how it will make me feel and I remember how it caused me to feel disconnected from reality but at the same time I'm tired of dealing with the symptoms of ADD that I think Adderall will suppress. Any opinions would be appreciated thanks.

TL:DR ADD is causing me severe indecisiveness and I could go on Adderall to fix it but I don't like how Adderall makes me feel. Should I go on it anyway?

08-08-16, 05:29 PM
It sounds like you felt better (less foggy) and had fewer school problems after stopping Adderall in grade 10, which makes me think that Adderall (at that dose dose) may not have been a great medication for you at that point in your life.

I'm not a doctor, but the issues you describe now (after stopping the Adderall) actually make me think more of anxiety-type symptoms than of ADHD by itself. Indecision, replaying/repeating things in your head over and over, doubting your choices to an excessive extent -- these can all be associated with anxiety or obsessive thinking.

The consequences of ADHD do often lead to increased anxiety or problems with decision-making, but anxiety (social or more general) can also be a problem in its own right. If you have both -- as a whole lot of people with ADHD do -- getting treatment right can be a bit trickier.

Even if you're not taking ADHD medication now, are you seeing a doctor or psychologist of some kind for treatment?

If so, it would be good to discuss these issues with them. You might even want to print out your post here to show them, or to remind yourself what to bring up. They may or may not recommend going back on Adderall, but the additional information should help them figure out how best to help you.

Best wishes!

08-10-16, 01:02 AM
Correct treatment shouldn't cause you to feel "foggy" or "disconnected from reality," and any mood changes should be minor. Given that there are multiple medications that treat ADHD, it doesn't make sense to go back on one that worked so badly. Tell your doctor that you had bad side effects from Adderall, and they should prescribe you another one. If you do decide to give Adderall another shot, a lower dose might work.

Since you were diagnosed at a young age, you might look into getting another evaluation to make sure that ADHD is the best diagnosis. (Granted, whoever you see for treatment will probably give you some questionnaires and stuff regardless, rather than just completely trusting your past diagnosis.)

Little Nut
08-10-16, 08:02 AM
I would make an appointment with whomever you were going to see to get the prescription. Jot down all of the issues you have been experiencing over that last year or 2. Talk to them and ask him/her to evaluate. This may not be an ADHD issue and amphetamines may not be the best medication for you at this time. -LN