View Full Version : Vyvanse and Wellbutrin..

08-10-16, 02:58 PM
Hello! I've been taking Vyvanse 70mg for about 5 years. Recently, I started taking Wellbutrin 150 mg XL daily for depression which was about 3 weeks ago. I wanted some feedback from you guys and gals because I really can't tell if it's working or not. I dont feel the crash as much from Vyvanse and at some points, i feel more relaxed and not as edgy but i'm not really sure what Wellbutrin is supposed to do for me. I'm hoping it will even me out more but also hoping it doesn't change my personality or anything. Any and all experiences would help me understand if its the right drug for me. Thanks!

08-14-16, 03:25 PM
In my experience it provides a bigger buffer between my brain and my mouth/actions when I feel strongly about something, and like you said, I think it helps out with coming off of Ritalin. I haven't seen any of what I consider changes in my personality on it.