View Full Version : First Ritalin and now Adderal

08-11-16, 09:34 PM
Neither seem to help.

The Ritalin IR did almost nothing, positive or negative took from 5mg up to 25mg per dose over the course of two weeks and other than maybe a little clarity nothing. No boost in energy or motivation. Went back to doc and they switched it to Adderal IR which I have been on since Monday. Started at 5mg twice a day nadda, at 10mg twice a day I did notice clarity but still no energy boost or motivation. No side effects which is good. No increase in heart rate either. He limited me to 10 mg per dose so have not went over that. Had hoped it would work better than this. Go back in 2 weeks. Is this common or?

08-11-16, 09:39 PM
I think it's very common. Usually, most doctors start your dose off low and tritrate up from there. It's tricky getting just the right dose with Adderall.

Best of luck with it

08-23-16, 08:54 AM
Thank you for your reply. I like your avatar, have greyhounds also but the little guys, Italian greyhounds.

Yesterday I saw the doc again and he upped the dosage of adderal IR to 30mg per day. I can take the dose as 3 doses of 10mg each or as 20mg in the mornings and then 10mg in the afternoon. He wanted me to try it both ways to see what worked best.

Yesterday I tried a 20mg as a single dose and it is a whole new world.......I won't even try the 10mg 3x per day as the 20 worked so well. I was truly amazed in the difference and also relieved as I was starting to think I was just one of the unlucky group where medication just does not help. No side effects thankfully.