View Full Version : PLEASE HELP!!! Is Concerta Working Correctly/Right For Me!?!?

08-12-16, 08:48 PM
Hi, I am a 16 year old teenager who is about 6'2" and 150lbs. I've been struggling with predominantly innatentive type ADHD for my whole life, but was never given the option of medication until now. Today I started taking Concerta 36mg, and was told to take this medication every morning around breakfast. I took my medication around 12:30pm and did not notice any differences until a little over an hour later. When the medication first kicked in, it felt a little funny but I could definatley feel it. In the very beginning it gave me a little boost of energy which then lead to hyperactivity. I was very energetic and motivated, but couldn't focus for the life of me, and I believe that my focus may have been a little better before I took the Concerta. I stayed this way up until about 4:30, when I stopped having a lot of energy and motivation, and started zoning out a bit. Now it is around 7:10 and I am feeling somewhat tired and am kind of zoning out. I believe my focus is a little better now, but not by a lot. Does this seem normal for someone first starting on Concerta? (This is the first medication I have any taken for ADHD) or is it possible that I am on too high of a dose, or simply the wrong medication? I don't want to jump to conclusions because it is only my first day on any sort of stimulant other than caffiene, and I have heard about the "first day jitters," but I feel like today Concerta made my symptoms worse, not better, with the exception of energy and motivation. Please help!!! I am really interested in making a better life for me that isn't so stressful, but this medication had almost no positive effects on me at all today!

08-12-16, 10:41 PM
I would first of all, start taking it in the morning like your physician said (i cant take my concerta 54 past lunch time otherwise i wont sleep because of fast heart rate and heart palpitations). It is as you said your first day of taking it, so imagine putting any "strong drug" into your body for the first time, its going to react in some unnexpected way. I would try to take your tablet with an optimistic mind tomorrow, try not to think that the effects you had today will DEFINATELY happen again because you dont know. Unfortunately most people arent just given a pill and it will work :( So it may involve another trip to change the dose or even the medication in general, but i wouldnt do that just yet. Give concerta a go, I noticed that things eased over time and my body started to adjust (to some extent)