View Full Version : Does my 8 year old son hAve add? Im confused. Need insight please!!

08-15-16, 04:53 AM
Ok, I'm not sure where to begin. Im sorry if thiz is too long. I dont want to leave anything out. I'll start 8 and half year old stepson if very smart. Has always been a 4.0 student and very good in class with other students. My concern is that his teachers have said he's very quiet and seems attentive but doesn't participate. When called on he seems lost and not sure what's going on. At home with homework and studying he's very defiant, complains, cries and exclaims he doesn't understand anything. I know he gets his work bc he will out of no where start conversations asking us to give him questions. During his homework time he jumps from the chair to the floor, singing songs, talking about sports and wondering where his friends are (knowing for the past 2 years they don't get to play till a certain time after school. A rule by all the moms on our block). He struggles greatly in math and reading. He can those subjects at the moment but then forgets all concepts bc he ventures off into something non school related. For example, he needs to know his 3 and 4 multiplications. He called himself stupid at first bc he didn't know. We worked off and on all day. He got it with help but when asked to repeat them by himself, he started crawling under the coffee table playing army. Trying to get his attention back to sit and go through just 5 problems he started a fight and veered from our task. So is this something I should see about or is he just a typical kid? Please some insight. There's more examples but I don't want people to read a novel. Just this lengthy essay is enough. Lol. Anything would help.

Little Missy
08-15-16, 10:11 AM
He's only eight, but what do I know?

08-16-16, 12:38 AM
I urge you to get him evaluated, if you want to read my story its a sticky in childrens diagnosis. My son was diagnosed at 3.5, not as common but it happens. Meds, therapy and school accomadations saved his life.

08-16-16, 12:48 AM
I agree with Sarahsweets that it's worth looking into further if you've noticed difficulties, his teachers have noticed difficulties, and these difficulties seem to go beyond what's normal for a child his age.

There are a number of possible things that could be causing or contributing to your son's difficulties with school work and homework -- ADHD being one of them, but perhaps also (or instead) a learning disorder or processing problem (like dyslexia or dyscalculia), material that's either too easy or too difficult, vision or hearing problems, a misfit with the teachers' styles, etc.

A good evaluation from a child psychiatrist or psychologist or developmental pediatrician should help you sort out whether one or more of these factors is contributing, and give you some insight into how to approach it.

Best wishes.

08-16-16, 09:10 AM
I would ask his teacher. The thing with us parents is we see OUR children on a daily basis, and some neighborhood children that are trying to be on good behavior so you don't tell their mom they were misbehaving, but we don't have a good sampling of kids to really evaluate.

I have found that teachers have seen hundreds of kids over the years and they know what is normal or what is abnormal in an average 8 year old.

Little Missy
08-16-16, 10:15 AM
He's only eight, but what do I know?

What I meant was, if his grades are a 4.0 which I never even knew that used that type of grading already in elementary school, than what seems to be the problem other than he sounds like a typical 8 year old to me.

Take him to a psychiatrist and find out.

08-20-16, 12:24 PM
It sounds like you have already talked to your child’s teacher. Did you tell her/him everything you are noticing at home? In addition, most schools have a counselor, so maybe you can make an appointment with the school counselor, too. Working together with your child’s school personnel to determine the best option is a great way to get your son the help he needs. I can tell you care deeply about your son. I hope you get some answers quickly.