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08-21-16, 07:42 AM
This is a rather long waffly post, so I'll start with a summary:

I've got many symptoms that aly with primarily inattentive ADD.
This has dogged me throughout my life and due to the nature of the issue, I've not found a good long term solution.

So I'm looking for suggestions of effective solutions that have worked for people in the same position.

Some rambling background:
I'm in my mid 30s now. Five years ago I finally got around to buying a book about procrastination. Last year* I found there was an audio-book of it, so I actually managed to finish it - as I could listen while driving. Yes; the irony of not finishing a book on procrastination did amuse me.
*Make that two years ago I think. Pretty sure I started typing this post last year!

It's never been bad enough, or I've been able to compensate in other ways to 'get through life'

My big problem is sitting down to do things I need to do; even things I *want* to do often.
Often find I get things like tidying up done only when I've got something more important to do that I seem to be procrastinating over.

As seems to be the case for many on here - not boasting, but I'd like to think intelligence and learning isn't an issue - on the contrary, I tend to be fairly good at both.
Certainly not far to the right of the bell curve, but a good bit above average at least.
I don't have a massive amount of formal education, but in logical subjects especially, did well doing relatively little work.
With a little research for areas I'm interested in (sciency stuff), I have been fine discussing degree levels concepts with people doing degrees themselves.
I've helped people on computing degrees with programming with no formal training myself.

Perhaps this creates a bit of cyclical issue; as I've had to do less to get the same or in some cases better results than others.

Overall, I think I've got really great potential, which is held back by "not getting around to it".

Think I've probably always had issues along these lines; certainly from eight years old, say.
Was often behind with school work - one piece of course work I was two terms late - still got tops marks however. From that, often did well enough doing minimum work - as seems common from reading on here.

Leaving everything to the last minute, or several days later is very common.

It's been a regular theme that I'll get grand plans, get interested and stuck in to the initial stages, then ignore it.
It may be that once the fascination of a new thing has worn off, I'm no longer interested.
Certainly more than once I've got really fixated on a new gadget or similar. Done loads of research and so on. When it actually arrives through the post in some cases it never gets used, or only a couple of times - and I've moved on to the next big thing.

I've got better recently, but in the past regularly would set targets that were obviously unrealistic for me and the way I work. But then I cant set a target of "well, you're never going to do it anyway, so might as well just give up now".

I still to some degree have a vastly over-confident view of how the next hour/day I'll be amazing and get everything done with no distractions at all. When of course the reality is it'll be the same as the previous hour when I didn't get anything done and was fully distracted.

I don't have issues with energy or wakefulness, at least when I've got decent sleep - in fact I can normally keep going for longer than most!

I do tend to easily take in what's going around me and thus can be easily distracted. For instance I might remember the details of a conversation other people in the room had that I wasn't a part of when they don't themselves.

Typically I'm much better when I'm helping other people than myself.

I do find I have a problem with food and eating too much - though this is probably just a small aspect of the ADD linked to other parts I would suspect

I did ask about help from the Health Care System, but was told even as a child it'd be hard to get a diagnoses and very unlikely as an adult.

I've tried Modifinal recently. Didn't really help procrastination, but does seem to be good at helping me feel less-tired if I've been short on sleep. A long time ago, I tried using speed to get some work done overnight. Only helped me procrastinate all night much quicker.
I'd love a chemical-magic-bullet, but unfortunately it seems unlikely.

Separately, I suspect I'm a bit further up the Aspergers scale than some - maybe a mixture of nature and nurture and fits into the logical thinking aspects.

08-21-16, 10:58 AM
Modafinil is meant for sleep disorders and while it can help people with adhd in some cases, its not usually the best.
I know the UK can be very difficult for adhd diagnosis and those I am friends with said they did much better going private-but I know thats a big expense.
I dont have any advice about procrastination because I struggle with that too but treatment with medication really helps me.

08-21-16, 05:02 PM

From what I'd read Modafinil has less stimulant properties than other options; but yes, I'm aware typically it's used for Narcolepsy etc.
I've talked to friends that have suggested other commonly used ADHD drugs can be a bit more 'speedy' and definitely don't think that would be a good choice for me.

If you're allowed to and are happy to, I'd be interested to hear about the medication you're taking and the difference it makes - however of course fine if not.

08-25-16, 05:55 AM

From what I'd read Modafinil has less stimulant properties than other options; but yes, I'm aware typically it's used for Narcolepsy etc.
I've talked to friends that have suggested other commonly used ADHD drugs can be a bit more 'speedy' and definitely don't think that would be a good choice for me.

If you're allowed to and are happy to, I'd be interested to hear about the medication you're taking and the difference it makes - however of course fine if not.

Re: the provigil- my husband takes this for narcolepsy and he as adhd too. I would say this helps a bit with the adhd but its better for the narcolepsy.
I take meds for bipolar and adhd.
The bipolar meds are:

Blood pressure:

Acid reflux:

adderall xr.

When I first started treating my adhd I took dexedrine spansules.)for about 7 years)
I was wonderful but I realized that it made me more likely to want to hang out and be social and get focused on stuff that wasnt in my best interest. I would yak away on the phone and I wanted to try adderall.
I moved to adderall xr/ ir combo but I didnt think the IR was doing what it was supposed to so I went to all xr. This worked great but then I thought that my anxiety was getting out of hand so I went back to dex. I soon realized that the anxiety was as a result of a tumor on my adrenal gland which is wreaking havoc on my system so now I am back to adderall xr.
Ir meds never lasted more than a few hours and even the xr doesnt last me more then 5. This isnt typical but I have absorption issues. I take adderall xr 20mgx3 a day and 10mgx2 a day and its been working well. Hope that helps.

08-25-16, 10:17 AM
My procrastination issues were greatly reduced by Straterra.
And I mean very much so.

Things that I previously loathed to do/procrastinated about, became a simple task for me on Straterra.

And this comes from someone who is on Straterra against her will :mad:
(My new doc thinks everyone is addicted to stimulants - and I'm stuck with her (for now), and Straterra is the only ADHD med I can get from her)

Ditto what Sarah said about the UK.

08-30-16, 06:53 AM
Thanks for the detailed, err, details Sarah!

Interesting regarding Straterra, though some of the side affects many people seem to endure do sound a bit concerning!

I would really love a pill that would make me (in both senses) 'work' like others do.

However, also interested to hear about any mental practices that others coming from a similar position have found to work. (As ever my usual problem is not getting around to trying such things out, or putting any real effort into them :) ).

09-01-16, 10:34 PM
I have gotten so good for a long time after I transformed my life to a new one. I conquered the challenges of brain injury which my ADD stems from. I have a fatal brain injury since I was 8 yrs. old that was never got diagnosed until 22 yrs. later. I cannot begin to describe how my life has been before the diagnosis.

Now I came back here to revisit my journal to get my own insights how did I do it the first time as it has absolutely changed my entire life for the better the first time.
I am here again due to another head trauma that happened to me a few months ago. A window weighing about 100lbs. struck the life out of me & since then I never felt the same again. The symptoms this time is 10x worst. The fatigue is killing me on a daily basis while my first injury never exhibited such a magnitude of debilitating effect on me.

I am looking for my journal here where every single thing that I did before was kept in here for safe keeping & to share with others the result of my research & discoveries. I wrote everything down here the trial & errors, the failures, every little thing that contribute to the success of my own invention.

When I see you asking input about procrastination I know that I developed a device that eradicate this effectively.

If you go to my profile & sift through the data stored in there ,look for the title that discusses about second thoughts. Or the thread titled My road to Transformation.

ADD/Pi brain is notorious in procrastination & I find this one of the most challenging. I tend to believe that our brain circuits are more problematic compare to the others.
When I examine what is going on when my brain is engaged in procrastination I found out that my brain is in static state. what happen to the brain in the first place to end up in this state of dysfunction? I can only speculate to this scenario. From the standpoint that ADD/ADHD is a result of a disorder in the brain chances are that something along a line during the cause of the disorder the established route in neurotransmission of information from the brain to every organ in the body have been destabilized or got erased in its memory.

My suggestion is to reestablished that route again or build a new route . The correct medication is crucial to this process. I was on a combination of two stimulants back then when I was making these changes. I experimented a lot of drug combination with the blessing of me doc who is also an ADD. I shared my experiments with him.