View Full Version : wellbutrin and rage

08-21-16, 06:27 PM
So has anyone found anything that helps when the bouts of rage come on? I know that when it's happening what I'm feeling is way over the top for the situation, so I recognize that. And a lot of times I can walk away. Sometimes I lash out (like,...husband doing the laundry "wrong").

I otherwise like WB quite a lot. I'm wondering if anyone has found an adjunct med that would help just during those times?

10-19-16, 07:03 PM
recognizing the emotions/feelings, taking a second to close my eyes, and begin breathing deeply until i can focus on my breath, and then do that for a little bit. oh, and try to remove myself from the situation, physically

ive only experienced this a couple times since starting, but i started a little over a month ago (but only started taking my prescribed dosage -300mg- consistently within the past 1.5/2 weeks)

my irritability/anger was worse in the beginning

xanax also helps when necessary

the only psychiatric meds i'm taking are Wb XL, xanax as needed, and i guess i can count my birth control because the hormone-interference apparently can worsen depression

10-19-16, 11:28 PM
I get rage all the time, specially in relationship.

A easy tip is to yell all your rage, all your emotion in your pillow. Like really, yelling like if you are being kills. I do it over and over again. Nobody can hear or look at you. If you don't have a pillow near, i sometime just go somewhere im alone and put my fist in my mouth to absorb the noise.

It get the "bad emotion" out of my body.

Hope it help!

10-20-16, 11:33 PM
kicking and throwing things (as long as they dont damage the item, the thing youre throwing it at, and doesn't frighten/upset anyone around you -so its best to do it alone-)

i got real upset while i was at work today because i kept messing up on this frame i was trying to construct out of 2x4's and my boss was in a bad mood and i was mad at myself so u get the picture

i ended up throwing a speed square (more like chucking it to the side) and later on i kicked a trash can (which had another trash can inside it?) and i warned my coworkers that i was about to do it so it wouldn't startle them totally lol

but i also did some of that breathing and closed my eyes and took 0.50mg xanax lol