View Full Version : Questions about adult ADHD and spd

08-21-16, 06:49 PM
I was diagnosed two and a half months ago with PTSD, mild OCD, GAD, and ADHD. Sensory processing was never discussed. I am very bothered by smells, sounds, and clothing. My question is: I am doing different things that remind me of stimming. I flap my two middle fingers on each hand and I vocal hum. I do not realize I have started humming. Sometimes one long monotone sound, and sometimes notes that do not make up any kind of a song. I have developed a new one of raising my eyebrows. Is this (or are these normal?) Can and adult develop new stims? When I was diagnosed with ADHD I was prescribed Adderal, which has been my God send. I noticed these stims may have started around then. Or am I wrong? So many questions. And one of about a month ago I cannot handle having my husband rub me. He can lay his hand on me but if he rubs, my entire body wants to fall apart. Why is that?

08-21-16, 08:49 PM
Well I've developed new stims and lost old ones as an adult even in my 40s so yeah, I think it is possible.