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05-21-05, 11:56 PM
well i just joined and i think i may have tourettes. i am 19 years old, but i dont remember when i started my tics. I have done eye blinking, tugging on my shirt, little coughs, making a humming noise constatly, closing my eyes really tight, rubbing, my cheek on my shoulder, shaking my head, twitching my head, and so on. I think I also have OCD b/c i always wash my hands, make sure my house door is locked, make sure my car is locked, and so on. Well it never really bothered me before, but i would like to go to a doctor soon and fins out if it really is tourettes. My mom told me that a women that works with her has a child with tourettes and he get SSI. Is this true? Can someone with tourettes get SSI? My sister get SSI, but she has cerabal palsy which means she cant walk. If you can get SSI i would love to b/c it would help me big time going to college and not having to work for a couple bucks and just thinking about school

sorry for the long first post


Coral Rhedd
05-22-05, 01:56 AM
Now that you are 19, it may be harder for you to get SSI. It is often granted to kids because they have medical expenses and are not yet of working age. The standard for SSI is that your disability has to interfere with your ability to work and to keep up with Activities of Daily Living. They will ask if you can cook, bend, do dishes, read, fill out forms.

I know that these tics do make it harder to find and keep employment. In order to get SSI, you will have to prove that they make it almost impossible for you to be employed. That may be a tough sell.

Still, you have three appeals if they turn you down, so it doesn't hurt to go through the process. If you are employed much at all during the three years the appeals process can take -- it will count against you.

Most people give up and go to work.

King Myzeri
06-07-06, 04:42 AM
I applied for SSI about 2 years ago. I am waiting to hear from them. But I also have alot of other problems other than TS. I am bi-polar, have severe anxiety, mild OCD, and ADD. I have worked in the past, but I feel I am unable to work right now. My TS causes me to do things that keep me from doing my job properly. And I have really really messed up alot while at a job. So I started seeing a psychiatrist and he suggested I apply for SSI. Even if I don't need it forever, it would help me out now.