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Raiders of the Lost AK. (ark)

A guy loses his machine gun and enlists the help of the Oakland NFL team to find it.

08-24-16, 01:56 PM
an americano in paris

in the movie event of the fall we follow one man's relentless quest for an americano, just the way he likes it (extra hot, half caf, with 1% milk, ten splendas, and a sprinkle of cocoa from one of those shaker things). his determination to drink a lava-hot watered down beverage that's been artificially sugared and only in name resembles "coffee" takes him through lively and breathtaking parts of paris he's too oblivious to notice. delicious food, entertainment, gardens and parks, immeasurable opportunities for exploring culture, history, and art in the city of them all be masterfully ignored as you join our fanny-packed, short-panted anti hero in the least interesting and most ill conceived adventure you'll see this year. discover americano in paris.

08-24-16, 02:00 PM
The Blair with project

Downing Street 10, May 2007. English prime minister has a final project going on. Will he be able to finish it before the end of his last term?

08-24-16, 03:41 PM
Irates of the Carribean
... a group of angry islanders attack the latest cruise ship to visit their port because they've been emptying their sewage tanks into the harbor.