View Full Version : ADD a sequela of Brain injury

08-26-16, 06:50 AM
An article about Brain Injury I found that discusses extensively the sequelae of a damaged brain. There are at least 200+ of diseases, disorders, dysfunction listed arising from brain injury. From the list I can identify at least 8 of them that I have. ADD/ADHD is on that list. It caught me by surprise that every organ in the body is affected once the brain is damaged. I was surprised to learn that the immune system is the first one to go. A damaged brain results to the breakdown of the blood brain barrier which is the protection of the brain from being attack by toxins & other chemicals.

Brain injury as noted is the most complex organ in the body that is hardly understood. The chances of misdiagnosis is highly expected. Access to qualified practitioners specializing in brain trauma are hard to come by. And up to this date there are no reliable tests that can accurately confirm the type of the trauma, the area of trauma, the extent of the trauma, the severity of the trauma. The article explains that even the availability of different format of imaging most brain injury categorized as closed head trauma & are considered as borderline or mild cannot be clearly detected by MRI as most injuries are visible by microscopically only.

The very hallmark sign of brain injury is that the person loses the capacity to remember about the injury as a result of the memory function rests on the brain.

I'll try to find the article again it was bookmark on my tablet but my tablet got stolen. It was published by one of the British Journals in Neuroscience. i find it such an eye opener about my conditions. It is quite interesting.