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08-26-16, 12:47 PM
The trouble is when wanting to do something together I often find myself in a position of lacking that person to share the fun with. I realise I have a disorder when I notice, no matter what I learn, say, live or do, they thing that changes is not my social life (not many contacts sustain) - it's my way of dealing with it (growing up being independent). It bothers me because I'm a people person lacking people as it feels more like a challenge than 'let's do something fun'. I would be relieved to know how many on here still have the same trouble being socially successful.

08-26-16, 01:11 PM
Not particularly.

Most especially since I no longer partake in the consumption of animal products or alcohol.

Socializing is so often planned around eating and/or drinking and not many peeps care to hear much of what I have to say regarding the topics they typically discuss.

I seek out community events geared towards plant-life, creativity, dance/instrument instruction, self-help through hands on learning, etc. to fuel my inner flames now.

I can't pretend to be comfortable surrounded by so much of what makes my heart ache, knowing the path most of the food took to get on the plates, and the long term effects that are going to eventually roll people over in some form or fashion.

But I'm beginning to create more of what I wish to be surrounded by since I can't seem to find already existing spaces.

Remaining all to myself more often than not makes for great meditative, creative, nurturing, and reflective time, but gets pretty bothersome and lonely at times.

That's probably why I'm so open and talkative to strangers everywhere I go. I've never met a stranger, but have certainly encountered strange. The stranger the better. lol

Many people have fallen out of my life for various reasons, most of which I'll never know since so many are taught to hold things in and not openly communicate or share emotions.

Several of them I thought would never be gone. Glad for the love and the lessons along the way, grieved(ing) for the pain, and so very grateful for nature and the animals.

08-26-16, 05:21 PM
Not really, I tend to find being around too many people difficult (it sets anxiety off and I just can't deal with loads of noise either)

08-26-16, 09:32 PM
Unmanagable .!! you need to get yourself to the Berkeley area and evirons pronto ! ....this area is teeming with folks who think like you ! srsly.....all kinds of communal houses with people happily being creative as he**, and being serious vegans, it's an expensive are, but sharing a big house is pretty cheap ......

08-27-16, 02:28 PM
Why do you think you are socially awkward? Do you have friends?