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08-28-16, 12:02 AM
Head trauma or injury to the brain no matter how minimal
should be taken seriously. For most damage in the head
would be asymptomatic for years & suddenly systemic symptoms
affecting every organ in our body showed up.

As i am investigating my own ordeal from the head trauma
It makes me wonder whether that the ADD/ADHD comorbid
conditions are actually stems from head trauma
not the other way around.'

Latest studies showed that Head trauma
is no longer contained to
neurological or psychological symptoms
such as cognitive, behavioral, & other exclusive,
brain functions but it extends to a systemic complications
from cardiovascular, respiratory, pituitary, the immune system,
gastrointestinal, vascular disease, genitourinary,
endocrine dysfunction, dermatologic,
& many many more. Each organ in dysfunction presents
a wide variety of symptoms that intertwine with each condition.
There are about a 100+ of the systemic complications alone
& if each one exhibits at least 5 symptoms
we are looking for at least 500 + that is draining the living life out of us.

My ADD is brought on by a multiple head trauma that
was undiagnosed for a very long time.
The treatment for my ADD do not address the root cause
which is the head trauma.

I suffered a severe brain damage & it would be my goal this year
to find the appropriate specialists & support
from qualified providers whose going to make a
collaboration to design a treatment plan designated for my condition.
I've been through a series of shrink who have no knowledge & expertise about head trauma.

One shrink told me that a 3 inches ;laceration in
my scalp is not a sign of head trauma. While most studies
in the assessment of the severity of head trauma & injury to the brain
is a protocol by shaving the hair exposing the scalp.
There are crucial information that are revealed by examining the scalp.

The trajectory of force. Swelling. Areas of skull fractures, skin lacerations, discoloration/hematoma, Bruising . malformation of the head.

08-28-16, 07:46 AM
Thanks for bringing attention to this.

I've often wondered about all of the issues that could have resulted from me being repeatedly beaten in the head area during years of domestic abuse and falling off of the hood of a truck while passed out/drunk, landing on my head and splitting it open in my early 20s.

Not seeking medical help in these instances for various reasons, but mostly because I didn't have insurance and no way to pay for the treatments, so I always avoided seeking help.

When discussed with various doctors later in life, they seemed to not think it was significant enough to address.

The level of actual "help" we receive in seeking relief for various issues really bugs me.