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08-29-16, 08:33 PM
Hi guys. I was recently, as of February this year diagnosed with Adult ADHD. I've had a life long dealing with this issue which I have now decided to take control over. I am still not all the way knowledgeable about the medications (Adderall etc). But would like some advice from people that have had the problems I've encountered.

First, the type of ADHD I have been told I have is inattentive ADHD. I am not hyper so to speak, but do have a hard time staying still at work and home. Constantly disorganized, and when I'm reading I constantly feel like I have to reread something 4 times to actually compute the information in which I give up sometimes.

Next, doctor 1, put me on Adderall 20 both the xr and ir. Pink pills. Needless to say I only found myself parked on the couch, irritable, and constantly late for work lol.

Furthermore doctor 1 decided that needed to stay ob this in which I disagree after the 3rd month on the stuff. And 30 lbs lost later.. Currently 121.

I have a new doctor now and he has prescribed me Vyvanse 30. I need to know if the symptoms Will be less annoying, and will actually wanna help me with my life . Such as with my job and school.

Thank you for allowing me to post and god bless.

08-30-16, 04:26 AM
Personally, I have a resentment against vyvanse because it never lasts the 12 hours its purported to. I was lucky if I got 6-8. My experience with vyvanse and my kids was mood issues and eating, both were terrible. Regarding the inattentive adhd, those subtype are no longer-according to the new DSMV and you can be hyperactive in a physical sense- so maybe the inattentive only diagnosis is wrong. I am combined, so I get the joy of all of the adhd symptoms. How many times a day were you taking the xr and at what dose? People think that 'xr' means all day when really its meant to last 6-8 hours. I get about 5 out of mine so I take it 3 times a day.

08-30-16, 11:08 PM
I am still pretty new to this too, but heres my personal experience: My doc diagnosed me with add and anxiety a little over a year ago. When I was first prescribed vyvanse, about a year ago, I started with 30mg then gradually was bumped up to 40 then 50 then 60. I have only taken vyvanse, evekeo and focalin. I think the vyvanse gave me some anxiety at first, but it didn't persist and once I was at 60mg I felt like it made me better in every way. Confident, motivated, focused on what was important. I was more productive than I had been in my whole life. My doc seems to think vyvanse is the best option as opposed to adderrall etc. It is good because it is long lasting, I can wake up in the morning, take it and be good to go for the entire day of classes and whatever work needs to be done after etc.

I feel like giving it time is also important and really thinking about how you are with and without it so you can understand how it is really working. The lower dosages were definitely more subtle.

Also I have anxiety so I'm not sure if that part will be relevant to you, the vyvanse may have just been making my anxiety a little worse.