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05-22-05, 09:29 PM
You can go a little nuts on money with this hobby if you're not careful. But my wedding album was falling apart so I had to start. I'm glad I did, the new one is coming out very pretty and is bringing out the best of my memories.

Anyone else in this hobby just stare at the page trying to figure out how to crop and where to place the pictures? I can stare for an hour, thinking.

The one thing I'm stumped by is why there are not universal replacement pages. Do you need the same pages for the same album brand and what if you've already thrown away the little wrapper that says what the brand is?

05-22-05, 10:55 PM
Oh, I am crazy for this hobby! I have actually stuck with it for almost 2 years now, which is really a long time for me to sustain interest in a hobby! I did not know I was ADHD when I started, but I remember thinking I should not spend too much on supplies, because I figured they would eventually be sold at a yard sale, since I would probably quit in a few months. That is the sad end of most of my hobbies!

I like to go to crops, which are a very ADD friendly environment. No non-scrapbooking distractions for hours at a time. Friendly people there to talk to if you want to visit who will also leave you alone if you indicate you just want to work. Perfect.

I spend literally hours on one layout, agonizing over the arrangement of pictures, choice of colors, placement of embellishments, choice of handwriting or font. I love patterned paper and textured cardstock, and I often tell people that "It's all about the paper. Pictures are secondary." I also tell people that collecting scrapbooking supplies is a separate hobby. I am particularly good at the collecting part!

I do not know about the pages, maybe take your album with you to see what works, or take one page out and take that.

Fly Away
05-23-05, 12:39 PM
I don't scrapbook - I should though. My kids will wonder why mom doesn't ahve any picturesof my 4th grade play? (Because she brought her camera but forgot to charge the batteries!).

Even though I don't scrapbook I LOVE collecting the paper! I make collages out of them. Maybe I'll post some of my collages if anyone is interested.

05-23-05, 12:55 PM
I always stick with the same size album 8 by 13 that way I never forget the size of pages or page covers that I need.

I also keep stock of my inventory on my computer and wish lists that my husband has access to. Once in awhile I'll take on more then my share of the load around the house and he'll repay me with a gift pack in the mail, its stupid how excited a grown woman can get over a new pair of scissors, stickers or marking pens.

If you have never been to a cropping party I strongly suggest you try one, once you go your addicted lol. We hire a crop consultant who teaches us new techniques, gives us advice with trouble pages and sales us supplies for the first two hours. After she leaves we get busy!!!!! Its generally my mother, my two sister's, two sister in law's, myself and we invite 4-5 friends to join us. Our town hall is perfect and they never get cranky when we don't vacate the premises until the next morning. Yes, we crop all day and all night, everyone puts together treats and someone brings drinks and the kids and hubbies stay home!!!!!! We do this about twice a year, its a nice way to get caught up with friends you may not have seen in awhile. Besides snacks, drinks and money for their own supplies each person pays $10 to help pay the consultant and rent the town hall which runs us about $20 for the day but like I said we usually go into the next morning but have never paid a fee.

05-23-05, 12:59 PM
I'll get the website from my sister but you can find consultants via this site you can also be trained as a consultant thru this site. I thought about it but really don't like strangers myself lol. But, just think if you were a consultant all the discounts!!!!!!

05-27-05, 11:47 AM
The wife has put together a # of books with her friends. They go for a weekend and I think their having fun .

06-04-05, 04:53 AM
Hi Fly Away! I love the papers too!
I would love to see some of your collages!

I would like you to throw a couple of tips my way if you don't mind.

What type of adhesive do you use with these papers? I have not been able to find an acid free adhesive that does not show through or leave a stain.
Also, what do you use as your backing material?

Thanks >i< girl :)


06-07-05, 06:17 PM
The wife has put together a # of books with her friends. They go for a weekend and I think their having fun .

Dave you should start your own. After a few of what Doug deems "sissy pages" of his hunting and fishing accomplishments he decided to take over the task of scrapbooking these items and is actually really good at it, who'da thought he could be creative?!!! lol O' yeah I did.

There is a lot of great ideas and materials for such pages you should really put your masculinity aside and try working on a page with your wife. We will sometimes work on them together at the kitchen table after the kids have gone to bed.

06-08-05, 07:42 AM
Hey, I did one , along time ago !

06-08-05, 08:28 AM
Hey, I did one , along time ago !

Did you enjoy it though? Doug makes about 3 pages a year while he enjoys it the tediousness of the task annoys him and he is always complaining his fingers are too big. I did notice the cropping scissors are not exactly made for a man's hands.

Doug has been saying it would be nice to go on this hunt or that hunt with the guys, I've been avoiding the topic because I honestly don't really want to go but the more you eleborate on your wife the more I think I would have a great time. And you never know if I work it right you may see your wife in camo at least once. lmbo

06-08-05, 09:03 AM
I use a knife or rasorblade to do all my cutting. It's something to do, nothing speacel for me though.

06-08-05, 09:14 AM
Its not for everyone my mother scrapbooks but is often resentful of how many pictures she had taken that year. lmbo

"why do I take so many pictures, stupid pictures, stupid digital camera, stupid this, stupid that" we quietly laugh at her.