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08-31-16, 12:17 AM
During our last session in marriage counseling, the therapist randomly asked if I had ever gotten a 'second opinion' regarding my treatment and said I should consider Making a 'casual' appointment to 'just speak' to their nurse practitioner about my medication regime. I advised him that I didn't think that would be a common thing for people who have been in treatment successfully with just two psych prescribers in close to 10 years. I made it a point to be sure from him that it wouldn't be a visit for treatment of prescriptions and he assured me the it 'definitely' wouldn't change any of my current treatment-just get a second professional's blessing on whether my meds were still right for me. To be polite I reluctantly made an appt on the sole basis that 'it wouldn't hurt anything just to get his feedback'. After 30 minutes of sheer heck and very vulgar offensive demands from him such as 'no, I am telling you that *YOU WILL TAKE THIS* I was in shock. Not only had he told me I was to stop my Adderall XR 20mg for ADHD as well as my Klonopin 1mg that I take for the dual treatment of my seizure disorder and my relapsed PTSD. He indicated he didn't feel(unlike the other 4 professional and official evaluations I have had this year alone that I have a diagnosis of EITHER. He handed me his official diagnostic decision asserting that my diagnosis are now Major Depressive Disorder with Recurrent and Severe Psychosis(???when/where/) and schizoaffective personality disorder! He insisted that once I have stopped the two meds I take now that I add 2xdaily gabapentin, Vybrid, Lexapro, Lamictal, and Seroquel!?!?!? I was told just a talk, not an argument with a drugstore of meds! Here is what I am praying someone will have some guidance on: in a daze, I signed two forms attached to a sheet of his 'findings' that was a release. I don't want this man to be my doctor or shoe-shine, but I am petrified that he has made it so I can't see my family doctor or psychiatrist anymore and that he is going to report them for their negligent assessment and care(cause he was saying crazy unprofessional things like that the whole time). What should I do to fix this? Would calling my other doctor to advise her that I would not be accepting his assistance and telling her I was just told he would be talking to me possibly make it so I can just keep seeing her instead? Sorry for the long post-it's just that I have never encountered this issue before or know anything about how it works, and he made it very clear to me that I "wouldn't be going back to them and their 'incompetence' ever again" and referred back to the letter. any info, insight or advice would be appreciated!!! Thanks


08-31-16, 12:55 AM
As long as this visit to the doctor/nurse practitioner was something you set up voluntarily (as opposed to court-ordered), you have a lot of control over the situation.

Any release or waiver you signed can be revoked at any time, under HIPAA (US law governing privacy and medical records).

You should also be able to obtain a copy of anything you signed so that you can be sure what it says.

You are under no obligation to return to this doctor/NP.

Even if this new person were 100% on the money about the diagnoses (which I wouldn't trust, based on your description), discontinuing your current meds suddenly and immediately starting you on 5 new medications at one time seems...highly questionable.

If I were in your shoes, I'd set up an appointment with my regular pdoc ASAP to discuss the situation and to get help (if needed) revoking any waivers/releases you signed under duress with the other doctor/NP.

08-31-16, 01:17 AM
Ohmygoodness, thank you so much for that suggestion-I am going to take that advice and call to request an appointment. I am just worried that they will refuse to see me d/t the 'consultation' accusing my family doctor and psychiatrist of negligently treating me and threatening to 'let the right people know' I wanna be as proactive as possible, though. This situation beats all I've seen, really. Again, Thanks a Mint!



08-31-16, 03:59 AM
I would make an appt with your current doc and tell them all about why you went to this other one and what happened. Make it clear it was just a suggestion you were following and that you didnt agree with anything that was said. Also, you have to sign a release on both sides. In order for the new one to talk to your current doc you need to sign the release you already did AND on for your current doc allowing them to talk to the new one.