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09-01-16, 03:04 PM
Hi all

Firstly i am fully aware that no one here is able to "diagnose" my child with ADHD/ADD, but as the title suggests im at my wits end here and i don't know what to to do

My son is 7, and he is largely a sweet natured, funny friendly little boy, he largely gets on well with others and is generally liked by his teachers.
but there seems to be a monster inside of him, which i can't explain away as a "general kid thing"

He's talkative, and i mean very talkative, from the moment he wakes up to the moment he goes to sleep, it is a constant stream of conciousness, and its always about random subjects, seen a new cartoon on TV, BAM thats 6 hours of constantly talking about it, an advert for a random piece of cleaning equipment, BAM, thats his new obsession.

He's also incredibly impulsive, it's like something in his head has told him to do something, and that is it, he has to do it right there and then, even if he is aware of the consequences, ( a good example is that if he wakes up in the middle of the night, he will sneak into our room and steal a mobile phone so he can play games, or he will sneak downstairs and watch television), if this was an occasional thing i would put it down to him testing the boundaries, but he is currently down to no screen time at all as a punishment until it stops, and that he still does it, it often gets to the point of extreme tiredness as he has had less than 4 hours sleep for several days in a row.

he also has a tendency to disappear from the house in the mornings to go over to his grandmothers,(thankfully we live on a quiet private road and nanny is just literally across the street) we have tried everything up to and including locking and hiding all the keys, but he just escapes out of the freaking cat flap, again, he knows there are consequences for his actions, but it doesn't
stop him.

He fidgets, constantly and his teachers have noted that this can be an issue at school and he often can drive his classmates to distraction. his handwriting is atrocious, and no amount of sitting with him or special pens pr books helps, but he is the top in his class when it comes to reading comprehnsion, having consistently been several book bands ahead of his class mates.

he starts school again next week and his mum took him away tonight for a special pre school weekend at a friends, but has had to come back home because it is just so bad, he lashed out at her because he couldn't get his tablet (see above) and has spent the whole day at his worst.

i don't know what to do. i dont know where to start, please.... help

09-02-16, 05:14 AM
Well it sounds like he has something going on and it could be alot of things-not just adhd. Are you in the UK? If so, my UK friends have said going private is a lot better than the NHS style but I know that can be expensive. He needs to be evaluated asap but someone trained in childhood issues- a peds psyche or even a regular psyche should be able to help.
Its important to note that punishment, unless immediate doesnt work with adhd kids. There are many things to read in the childrens section including my own story and stuff in "Dizfriz's Corner".