View Full Version : Has anyone tried Bupropion Immediate-Release?

Irene Iesu
09-02-16, 10:12 PM
I've been taking Bupropion for 3 months. I've tried 300mg-XL, 2x150mg-SR, and both times (though I'd take the morning dose at 6AM) had a hard time falling asleep at night, tossing around in bed an hour or so. I normally don't have a sleeping problem. So, I now take only one 150mg-SR around 7AM and no afternoon dose. I can fall asleep fine now, but my energy runs out in the late afternoon ...

I'm wondering if I should take 2x100mg(immediate-release) instead, at 7AM and 2PM or something ... I heard that the effect of one dose should last about 6-8 hours, as opposed to SR lasts for 12 hours ... am I correct?

If anyone has tried immediate-release, could you share your experience with me? Did it work okay (gave you energy and focus)? Did you feel the side effects (anxiety, irritability, etc) were worse than XL or SR? Did your mood sink when it started to wear off?