View Full Version : I think I've been misdiagnosed?

09-05-16, 12:47 PM
I've been diagnosed with SCT... But I expect that it's co-morbid to Inattentive ADD. I also have social anxiety and most likely depression.

The psychiatrist I went to whipped out a SCT check list a few minutes after I came in. He didn't even seem to seriously consider that I might have ADHD even though it is what I came there for. We went through it... I scored quite high. He referred me to the Dr. Russel Barkley videos (which I'd already watched) and started talking prescriptions.

I wanted to add a few things (but at that stage I had started to get emotional as I always seem to get when I try to talk about personal things) which made it hard to think of all the dozens of things I've been thinking about mentioning... So in the end I kind of messed up and just mentioned the fact that I can pretty much only get things done under stress and if I try to do things in a more timely fashion the quality of my work suffers... And the fact that I tend to slip up and say stupid things (which I think he just wrote off as social anxiety)... It was a disaster.

I've been prescribed a low dosage of Concerta, which I've been using for two days. My mind feels empty and I'm not thinking o about the excellent anime I've started watching the entire time and I don't feel as excited about it as I did before... Which is very strange for me...

Something that the psychiatrist mentioned is impulsivity... And I don't know... I do tend to annoy my sister and mother sometimes by being overly affectionate... And acting inappropriately chirpy after they've just told me the details of a bad day... because I've pretty much forgotten about what they've told me after 5 seconds... Which makes me seem very unsympathetic sometimes.

I was also bullied a lot in primary school and only had 3 friends total (and not one of those friendships lasted longer than 6 months) during that time. High school was better and I've made a couple of friends I've managed to keep, but not everyone wanted me to be in our friend group... And even at University the people I hang out with are talking behind my back, which causes very awkward situations for my friends, who feel like they need to defend me...

I'm still constantly fidgety as I usually am and I still got lost in thought with the concerta. It has taken away some of the fogginess though and I can follow what people are saying more easily and understand instructions better too.

Oddly I'm also finding myself more distracted by external stimuli with the concerta, since I actually notice my surroundings now. The first day I used it I took about half an hour to make a bed - our front door was open and I could hear the neighbours talking... I wandered to the front door 3 and a half times (the last time I managed to catch myself half way and turned around back to the bedroom) because of the sound. During this time I also wandered to another bedroom (couldn't remember why I went there by the time I arrived) and to the bathroom 2 times (realizing both times I don't really need to go to the bathroom) and to my sister's room once (to ask her about doing the dishes which I forgot to do)...

So I don't know... What do you think?