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09-08-16, 01:26 PM

Im diagnosed with add, anxiety (social) , ocd and depression. Upon my layoff i lost health insurance and essentially had to stop adderall, luvox and klonopin. Yes for the first time in my life i can say I've went crazy. I lost my mind often i cant get out of bed. Or eat and get back in bed, i have been to depressed to take back items within 30 days, forgot to cash a jury duty check i had 90 days to deposit. I have purposely broke 2 phones out of anger , etc...

I couldn't afford cobra and missed Obama care deadline. I was approved for my hardship but i wouldn't get any credit and couldn't afford deductible. Then my Psychiatrist has sadly become very ill. He helped me deal with my anxiety attacks so well.

We have several pay scale clinics ive been to 4 and NOBODY will give me adderall. I took 60mg a day and 2mg klonopine as needed. The best any clinic would do us .5 klonopine and only 20. They give me all this other medicine that makes me so drousy and depressed i dont go outside until dark.

Any options to get scripts? 3 meds your not to stop cold turkey i stopped at once and my family wonders why i havent worked in months. Btw i was denied medi and refuse to apply for disability because I know i can work and be stable when i get back on med. Im in east Georgia. Any Dr's that can help or refer me. I rememver seeing a dr online that didnt take insurance. I think he was 150 a visit. I cant find him that was years ago. But i can scrape up 150 at this point if i can get back on all my med. Thanks and sorry for grammar typing from phone.

Little Missy
09-08-16, 04:37 PM
Hey! Get your records from your doc. That should do the trick. :)

09-09-16, 01:59 PM
Yes, your records should prove a prescription history.