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09-10-16, 10:10 PM
So, in the past few weeks it has been a major cluster at work with a merger,
now having to do 2x as much accounting, and do all this IT stuff...I was
seriously on the edge of losing it from stress.

I needed something, and caffeine was not doing enough, so I chose something
I knew did...cigarettes.

Camel Non-Filter soft-pack 70mm

Ten years ago, when I was a smoker for 9 months, that was my cigarette
of choice.

If I smoke one of those, especially quickly, my head will spin something serious...
I mean, it really is like being whapped upside the noggin’. Somehow, this
is pleasurable to me.

But more importantly, the snap of everything into focus is immediate and
desired. Go have a smoke, then architect and build insane things in MS Excel
for the next hour.

My fortunes have changed, and I was able to get my real deal...Dexedrine.

You want to do insane stuff in Excel? Dexedrine is the business. It’s nearly
diabolical in that way.

Anyway, here is my point.

I smoked one of these Camels after I was Dex’d, and it had no effect
whatsoever. Just to be sure, I smoked another one, fast and hard even,
and it did absolutely nothing. No lightheadedness, no feeling at all.

I found this interesting.

Gave away the rest of the Camels as “the thrill was gone.”

Has anyone else experienced something similar?


Little Missy
09-10-16, 10:12 PM
Chewing is The Best.

But the tooth brushing is a drag afterwards.

09-11-16, 06:08 AM
Chewing cigarettes?

Little Missy
09-11-16, 06:12 AM
Chewing cigarettes?

Chewing tobacco. Skoal, Copenhagen, etc.:)

09-11-16, 06:46 PM
i was a smoker before dex, there was no changes i still can get the head spin most gthe time if i leave big gaps between smokes

09-12-16, 04:14 AM
My smoking dramatically increased on Vyvanse maybe because of having no nicotines effects and I became feeling like an ash tray.

I just bought one of those nicotine vaporizers and learned a lot about nicotine addiction and its effects.

Vaporizing nicotine is also a pain in the throat and I realized I am heavy addictive to real bad substance.

On the first day after licking a drop of the nicotine fluid from my fingers I had the idea to use the vaporizer to get rid off being used

to cigarettes and after that to get rid off nicotines addiction by decreasing it with oral intake of the fluid.

For decades I experience only weed stops my nicotine addiction/intake for many hours to zero.

My facial skin became so much better after only one week reducing cigarettes from 20-25 to 6-8 a day.

Sorry for the truth.