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09-12-16, 07:15 AM
Unscientific foreword:

Many of us need their meds every day because ADHD is an "every day disorder" but my ADHD is an unbalance which is not the same every day.

I try to start a survey about amphetamines intake intervals trying to find other guys who dont take or need their amphetamines daily.

I am interested in reducing the intake of amphetamines and try to explore another individual pattern of the meds intake.

I look for any experiences of reducing the dosages and irregular patterns of intake.

So please dont (sorry) spam (sorry) this tread with the need of a daily intake.

I try out a lot with my weak Vyvanse to explore my ADHD an I have full approval doing it by my doctor. My goal is to personally find out when I really need the med and when I can stay off it.

I am very sensitive and self-reflective to any subtances and I know from trying other meds to feel the difference of too much or a lack of dopamine and noadrenaline.

My experiences:

1. I experienced having increased dopamine for 4-5 days being off Vyvanse after taking it several days. This effect is much weaker when I take it for single days.

2. I experienced having very positive anti-depressant effects using only 1/10 1/20 of my prescribed dosage supporting better quality of life without treating every ADHD symptom.

3. I experience no problems with my dosage having a break of 3 weeks.

Your experiences:


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09-12-16, 12:31 PM
I find routine , sleeping and exercise so important regarding medication.

What seems to increase my need for medication is when things become more complicated.

I find that I must do regular exercise on the weekend, this overall helps everything.

Routine: 2* Dex 5 mg morning , noon, afternoon.

Weekend just morning dose.