View Full Version : More pictures of my girls

09-16-16, 04:37 PM
"Ebony's doing something exciting over there and I want to play with her" (

"Can't be too careful Tigger, I better check there's no monsters in next door's garden before you come join me" (

"Monsters don't scare me Ebony, I got your back, while you're checking over there I'll check over here in next door's garden" (

"Who likes my new bed" (

09-16-16, 06:06 PM
I hadnt noticed how much Tigger looked like our cat.

09-20-16, 02:17 PM
"I'm thinking ........ do I want to go into the sun or do I want to stay here in the shade?" (

"I'm hunting leaves in next door's garden, does anyone want one?" (

"I think there might be some mousies or froggies over there and I wants them" (

"Tigger your game of pounce on the grass is boring, I'm going back to Star" (

"In fact I'll see if next door's garden has any nice sunny spots that you haven't pounced in" (

"*sniff sniff* I'm tracking one" (

"There. Found one. And it belongs to me." (

(later on)

"Uh oh you've got the camera there Star" (

"If I look cute will you stop taking pictures" (

"If I can't see the camera you can't get pictures of me" (

"I wants playtime in the bath, turn the taps on for me please so I can splash water everywhere" (

10-14-16, 03:34 PM
"I see a fly and I wants it!" (

"This is my box cause I said so" (

"I found a bit of food that Star dropped at dinner" (don't worry everyone, nothing that would cause Ebony harm - as if I'd let her eat anything that caused her harm!) (

"If I can't see the camera, it can't see me" (

"Uh oh the camera's spotted me again" (

"I can't decide if I want cuddle or play" (

"If I pretend I want a cyber cuddle I can distract everyone long enough to pounce" (

"Who? Me? I'm not plotting about playing pouncies on you" (

10-15-16, 10:52 AM
I love it. :grouphug:

They are so adorable. And must be very good company for you.

Some day I will figure out how to take photos with my smarter-than-me phone and post them online. I hope.