View Full Version : Feeling stuck- any advice would be nice

09-16-16, 07:00 PM
Does anyone have any suggestions on how to form relationships?

I think my problem is that I have a career and life where I'm not being true to myself. I have a master's degree in architecture, but like I'd honestly have no problem working in a big box driving a forklift, or working at a cannabis shop.

Architecture is too tasking and it's become very overwhelming. I think I'd prefer doing just a medial task, or doing something where I can help others. Architecture is neither and I spend most of my life doing this, which I don't really enjoy.

Additionally, I moved to a new city about 2 hours from home and I've met people through a mutual friend, but I'm not close to anyone here. I feel like I don't connect to the people I've met and so I find myself spending what time I do spend with others, with people I don't really connect with.

I also avoid. Like I don't really seek out new experiences bc I feel like my mind is at an all time low. I feel like I'm stuck in mud when it comes to conversation- I am stuck in an almost permanent semi-zoned out state, which I think staring at a computer all day definitely doesn't help. Even when I hang out with old friends, I can't communicate, it's really bad.

I hate my life and don't really know what to do and am afraid I'm going to end up alone. does anyone have any advice on how to get out of this and start a life where maybe I can connect with people and lead a life that has meaning to me?

09-16-16, 07:41 PM
It reads similar like my life story. I am a graphic designer by passion,

innovation and brilliance sometimes 5 years ahead of the rest of the world.

Did you ever think about autism combined to ADHD?

I thought I got bored from design before knowing about ADHD but did

not realize I have huger problems with my autism than ADHD to feel

comfortable in my profession. Also thinking about a forklift and working

in a cannabis shop sounds familar to me.

I hope for a chance to try Oxytocin for a better treatment.

I am diagnosed ADHD-PI but switch from hyper- to hypo- and hypo- to hyperactive.

My doc says it is the worst treatable form of ADHD but I wont give up and fight.

09-17-16, 04:07 PM
Have you considered just applying for a big box job for the heck of it? Just to try it out?

09-17-16, 04:24 PM
I honestly think I might go mad if I don't form relationships with the opposite sex. So if I like the feeling for someone I go straight up and talk to them. I'm not sleazy, and if I get told to ****off that's cool. I've never been told to ****off.

It's one thing, and medication ,and exercise that keeps me going. Sometimes I chicken out when I have to pull the trigger.