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09-17-16, 07:42 AM
This thread is not about brands and patents
but about cool guys who are fathers of great substances.

Leandro Panizzon
(*1907 in Milano, Italy; 2003)

who found methylphenidate in 1944
working for CIBA/novartis, Switzerland

09-17-16, 07:42 AM

Lazăr Edeleanu
(*1861 in Bucharest, Romania; † 1941)

who found amphetamine in 1887
synthesizing it for his doctoral thesis
at the university of Berlin, Germany

09-17-16, 07:43 AM

Nagai Nagayoshi
(長井 長義; * 1844 Myōdō, Japan; 1929)

who found methamphetamine in 1893
at Tokyo Imperial University, Japan

09-17-16, 07:44 AM

August Wilhelm von Hofmann
(*1818 in Giessen, Germany; † 1892)

who taught and influenced Lazăr Edeleanu and Nagai Nagayoshi
as a professor at the University of Berlin, Germany

Little Missy
09-17-16, 07:45 AM
Hello there you guys, thanks for making my life a better one. :)

Thank a scientist day.

09-17-16, 09:44 AM
Fascinating. Thanks for sharing!!

10-31-16, 07:11 AM

Alexander Theodore Shulgin
(*1925 in Alameda, California; 2014 in Lafayette, California)

who was a psychopharmacologist, known as
the godfather of psychedelics.