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09-21-16, 12:55 AM
I check the birthdays here frequently and I have OCD. I don't understand the huge variations we have in the numbers. Today we only have 6 members! That is one of the lowest totals I have seen. Yesterday we had a lot. We will see what tomorrow brings.

I believe 60 is the most, I have seen on one day. It just seems odd to me that somedays there are only a few and other days a ton. If I can remember I am going to try and track them on this thread.

Feel free to post any comments, conspiracy theories or birthday totals for the day if I forget. :)

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09-21-16, 03:11 AM
In statistics there is the birthday problem, but that one seems not to completely apply here since that is based on the assumption that each day of the year is equally probable for a birthday. I think your problem is that this assumption seems to be violated here. I have the same thing with my Facebook friends actually. Interesting phenomenon.

09-21-16, 03:41 AM
I don't know if you're looking for serious explanations or only outlandish ones, but if the former:

1) as noted in the footnotes in the Wikipedia article Hermus linked, birthdays aren't evenly distributed throughout the year;

2) some people enter fake birthdays (which may be 1st, 15th, or last of month, or some other date with meaning to person, or just something chosen "randomly") [EDIT: I see there are 47 birthdays on January 1st...seems suspicious in precisely this way!];

3) don't know how many of those listed as "members" were registered through some automated system, and though we weed out many of them, some likely slip through (and I don't know how spambot software assigns spam-birthdates);

4) some people choose not to report birthdays at all, and while we might assume that birthday non-reporters would be evenly-distributed throughout the year, that may not be the case, either (for example, maybe people with "distinctive" birthdays like holidays are more likely not to report); and

5) there's the whole "people who are young for their grade are more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD" issue, and if that is correct, then at least among US members, people with birthdays in September-December may be more common (relative to their distribution in the population) than members with birthdays earlier in the year -- though this could shift as school entrance cut-off dates shift, and wouldn't explain day-to-day variation.

Alternative explanation:

09-22-16, 01:15 AM
12 for today. Happy Birthday Kilted!

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11-06-16, 01:59 AM
Only 3 today. The least birthdays to date.

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