View Full Version : Mallincrofdt generic 10 mg ir dextroamphetamine not working?

09-22-16, 11:33 AM
I have been taking Mallincrofdt for three weeks now regularly 60 mgs in total broken up into two 10 mg tablets 3 doses per day and honestly feel like it's the worst generic dextroamphetamine sulfate 10 mg tablet ir that I have taken. I know I must be in the minority and others in this thread seem to prefer Mallincrofdt but I am not feeling its as effective in treating my symptoms compared to Teva or Wilshire(I took Zenzedi 10 mg which is generic made my Mikart).

Can others please advise or tell me if they have had a problem with mallincroft ir 10 mg dextroamphetamine? would you recommend Teva or trying zenzedi 10 mg generic?

11-13-16, 06:48 PM
Terrible news! I also was taking Mallinckrodt for years and it was the best generoc no doubt about it. Im going to US to get more meds soon and now i will probably had to stick with Barr.

Thanks for the info!

11-20-16, 08:15 PM
That's the only generic brand of d-amp I've received since being on it (about 4 months now), and it still works for me. I have no others to compare it to, but it seems to be doing what it should.