View Full Version : Attracted to other people with ADD and/or Asperger's?

09-29-16, 01:48 PM
It seems that I am attracted to guys who show signs of AS or ADD, or those who have the condition. I wonder if this is common among us ADDers or if it is a subconscious way for me to make sure that regular guys don't reject me?

09-30-16, 05:02 AM
Ive been married for 21 years to an adhd guy, I dont know if I subconsciously suspected it or not but we are a perfect match.

10-13-16, 05:54 AM
I think it's a very conscious and deliberate choice we make. I, too, have been interested in a guy with ADD. Simply put, "we "get" each other.

10-14-16, 08:31 AM
Yeah, I find I gravitate that way as well. I guess I think I will understand that person better.

I'm definitely more attracted to them.

10-14-16, 10:46 AM
Yes. ;)

10-15-16, 12:30 PM
I can't be with someone or be friends with someone if our minds aren't on a similar frequency. Otherwise it would just be draining and there would be a lot more pressure to change who I am

10-15-16, 05:14 PM
I'm not sure, but I might be.

That said, my sweetie is certifiable. :p

And that is a most lovely thing indeed.


10-15-16, 10:53 PM
*****i just realized it looks like my friend group is super exclusive!!!! im mostly referring to close friends and people i feel most comfortable talking to

10-16-16, 11:23 PM
ADD people are more fun. NT folks are really boring.