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10-01-16, 09:41 AM
Searching for Sero(tonine) (

The link above features some wonderful stories
about self-therapy by activities for a better life.

I believe in that. What do you think?

10-01-16, 09:56 AM
I didn't check out the stories, but I very much believe in the body's ability to do what it needs to do more often than we've been taught to allow or give it credit for. Much of what we call symptoms, and try so desperately to suppress, are actual bodily functions working hard to remove our obstructions.

I know on the days I choose to skip my favorite activities - nature walks, stretching, jumping on my mini-trampoline, and hula-hooping - I feel much less response-able to face the day with any confidence or vitality.

As long as I stay consistent in doing the activities that I know I benefit from, my days are much kinder and easier to navigate, even when a big ol' wrench gets thrown into my plans. The side effects are much more user-friendly for me than the meds ever were, as well.

Little Missy
10-01-16, 12:01 PM
I like to sweep. Outside, I do it everyday even in the winter. With a straw broom.

10-01-16, 01:48 PM
I get wonderful results when I combine the two. If I take medication and expect it to make everything 100% better, I will fall on my face miserably. But when I take time to go on walks, clean, do my chores, organize, then I can create and do more things that are also self-therapy... I can ride the positive motivation train for a while... If I just sit around and do nothing, I will be in a negative state, regardless of meds or not.

Little Missy
10-01-16, 04:31 PM
I like to sweep. Outside, I do it everyday even in the winter. With a straw broom.

While on my meds. Just in case any one was wondering.

Little Missy
10-01-16, 05:12 PM
And I dance. :D

10-01-16, 10:25 PM
Yes, self-therapy is a wonderful thing, even if pharmacotherapy is necessary so self-therapies can be realized and made manifest.

Meanwhile, mutually-rewarding reciprocal sexual activity is highly recommended, when necessary cold steel will heal, and all things are possible with amphetamines. ;)


10-02-16, 06:21 AM
Medication helps me with living life.