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10-03-16, 10:48 AM
Hello all, I wanted to ask for some advice. I am considering purchasing an air purifier but I have not found any information that shows they really work for allergies and asthma. I would love to hear from you on your own experiences, and any recommendations you can give to a newbie. I have been reading up on this topic and honestly I am extremely confused. Please help and maybe we can all learn together.


10-08-16, 10:59 AM
I have read that an air purifier may help. They recommend it as a second line of defense. Eliminating the allergens being the first. Here is some info you may find helpful.
Good luck with it and welcome to the forum!

10-08-16, 11:19 AM
Welcome to the neighborhood. :)

I've not tried an air purifier, so I can't speak directly on that, but I'd like to suggest looking at mucus forming foods, along with potential toxins used on and around you, and see if your diet and environment are filled with them. It made all the difference in the world for my quality of life, in many ways.

I would frequently "catch" colds or deal with sinus infections and would suffer from what I just assumed were seasonal allergies until I eliminated meat, dairy, eggs, most grains, highly processed stuff, caffeine, and alcohol from my diet, and, eliminated artificial fragrances in all of my hygiene and cleaning supplies, and ditched all the other artificial fragrances via fabric softener, candles, lysol, diffusers, etc. in my living space.

I haven't had a cold, an infection, nor any allergic reactions to the typical seasonal stuff for a year and a half now and my husbands severe allergic responses have greatly lessened, but he still suffers, and he still eats meat, dairy, and highly processed stuff.

10-10-16, 10:55 AM
I have an air purifier and the filters must be changed quite often.

Most I like it keep the air in motion but the filter also becomes dirty.

I think it works quite good if I keep the windows closed but if I open them dust comes in again.

Sadly you cannot replace used air by purified air.

A air purifier would be great if it was used to filter the air from outside to inside but does not.

So I think a lot about building and/or installing a filtration system to an upper window to get cleaner air into my rooms.

I love the ozone function to get rid off smells.

I think clean rooms "laminar flow" technic is much better but also more expensive than any high end air purifier.