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10-06-16, 06:12 AM
I went on Ritalin LA 20mg in june last year (last time on ritalin ws when I was 6, I was very angry child lol), first week on ritalin felt kinda sedating and was making me go to the toilet like crazy, but my body ajusted and was just getting pure focus on it, couple months later moved to 30mg, then another couple months later to 40mg and been on that dose since

I am 25 year old male, 176cm tall and weighed 56kg before starting ritalin, been floating around 54kg since starting

Anyway I started smoking weed pretty much everyday at start of 2013. So this whole time being on ritalin I would usually smoke weed before dinner and bed. But in the last 2 weeks I have had no access to weed and now my appetite is really suffering. This is the first two weeks I have been on ritalin without any weed and I am starting to feel a little off in general:s
Stomach feels sick a lot of the time and starting to lose more weight

I don't think it is marijuana withdrawl, I have always had a crappy appetite my whole life and going without weed for 2 weeks my appetite has seemed to go back to the way it was before I even had anytging to do with weed. Does anyone here use Ritalin + weed to help combat appetite supression? If it keeps on going like this and can't use any weed I feel like I may have to stop the ritalin or at least half my dose :/
My doc was aware I was smoking weed but never said "don't smoke it" She probably thinks it makes sense. But obviously it's illegal here in Aus and musn't be allowed to condone it.
I remember in 2009 before I had anything to do with ritalin or weed, if I wasn't working I would just snack on biscuits because would never feel like eating

10-10-16, 06:29 PM
Im not sure about the sick feeling with ritalin though but the weed could of been just masking some of the side effects of the ritalin when you were smoking it and when you stopped smoking it they became noticeable because you werent high. Thats just my theory though, good luck !