View Full Version : I need advice, not yet diagnosed

10-09-16, 07:07 PM
I have always joked away my scatterbrain antics as having ADD. But over the last 6 months I have started losing it more and more. I forget things pretty much as soon as I tell myself I won't forget "this time," I misplace things before I even realize I put them down, I have blackout periods while driving in which my mind wanders and though I tell myself I am paying attention to the road, I am not sure I really was. I get anxious, depressed, angry and am super sensitive to criticism lately, probably because I know I have been sucking at life. Recently my husband tells me it seems like I am never happy and am not friendly anymore (which does wonders for my friendly happiness, lol)

Looking back to childhood (I am 40 now) starting 3rd grade was hard. I had to visit the counselor before school and after so she could make sure I didn't forget any homework assignments (which I did pretty much every day and was genuinely surprised each time as I was sure I had everything). I was lucky enough to have a good short term memory storage to cram in the minutes before a test, pass, then forget the info right after.

Ps- I also suck at conversations. You talk too long and we get interrupted, don't ask me what we were talking about, lol. I am horrible!

I have really good credit, but recently forgot to pay a couple bills, and now I just don't want to be around anyone anymore. I don't care if I go to work, I don't want to go to parties and I'm not really even depressed. I am just "meh" about everything.

I mentioned this to my general doctor and he said since I was a good student and have a successful career I am not ADD. But I feel like I have just fooled people into thinking I am good at my job. I am having trouble grasping new things at my new job. He has suggested I am depressed (which I don't feel I am) or bipolar (say what?!). I am worried that if I seek professional advice I will either get someone to agree and give me ADD meds I might not need or even worse, try to stick me on antidepressants I know I don't need! I sleep terrible, am always tired and just never feel good.

Does this sound like I might be a true ADD adult? I don't know what to do. I made it this far in like, should I just suck it up and forge ahead?