View Full Version : Why can't a one year old human read, said the fisherman.

10-11-16, 09:58 PM
Why can't a one year old human read?

(This thread is meant to explore why a one year old human can't read.)


10-11-16, 11:49 PM
Before birth and the age of one, "reading" is more emotional, homeostatic, sensory, and much less cognitive.

Interesting how we want to cuddle and play, before we learn how to read cognitively.

Birth to 6 months..

..Comprehending the words isn't really the point with babies this young. For infants, reading is about the tone of your voice and cuddling up to you.

7 to 12 months: Halfway through their first year, babies may begin to grasp some of the words read to them, says Cosby Rogers, PhD, a professor of human development at Virginia Polytechnic Institute. The most meaningful words are the names and things from their everyday life -- words like "doggy," "mommy," "daddy," "milk," or "bottle."..

..One more tip: Because babies this age tend to be hard on their playthings, stick mostly to board books, which can take rough handling and even chewing. Cloth or vinyl books are good too, though turning the pages can be trickier for a baby.

from google child development and reading by age

10-12-16, 01:16 AM
Because they didn't have the time to learn the alphabet yet? :rolleyes: