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10-11-16, 11:01 PM
So Im in need of help figuring out what to do with this... I have been clean and free of meth for 2 1/2 years, I was a hard core IV user for 3 years before hitting my bottom. Also I have been diagnosed with ADHD since I was around 12 or 13 years old. Ever since I came out of prison 2 1/2 years ago, I have struggled with my ADHD more so than before I started shooting up. My therapist/psychiatrist know my history in the fullest extent. I have tried alot of meds for adhd, and before i got on the meth, adderall worked best. it lasted all day, no crashing, no attitude. now, she doesnt want to put me on adderall due to it being more habit forming. So i been on this vyvanse for the last year.. we increased the mgs as needed.. got up to the max 70. worked fine. had some insurance issues.. was taken off of it for 2 months.. back on it now for the last 4 months.. and it doesn't seem to be doing anything for me.. its like i dont even take the medicine after 4 or 5 hours pass.. I cant focus.. if im in class,, my leg is shaking constantly. moving around in my seat,,, But when i forgot to fill my script last friday, i was out for a day..... I felt like i was dying. I couldnt get out of bed, i felt heavy, very disoriented. She added a 10 mg IR ritalin cut in half 2x a day, to try and help with my irritation, extreme fatigue at the end of the day.. im miserable.. can anyone shed some light on this please?? thank you so much! ;-)

10-12-16, 01:55 PM
Maybe your pharmacy gave you a generic version and then a different generic version of the Vyvanse? Not all generics are created equal, might want to ask your pharmacy what you actually got before and now.

10-12-16, 03:14 PM
I get my vyvanse paid for by the company that makes it due to my insurance wont cover it. shirecares is the name of it. im pretty sure its the legit brand. it says vyvanse on the script bottle. as for my ritalin, its the generic version, methylphenidate IR.. I just dont know if I need to be trying other meds, if i do, then which ones.. My therapist will do as i ask, I am always very honest with her..

10-12-16, 11:15 PM
Vyvanse is the weakest ADHD medication per milligram of those based on amphetamine.

That, combined with the high brand price and single-capsule dosing recommendations means for many, it is the worst choice possible when trying to achieve efficacious treatment.


10-13-16, 12:29 PM
I don't see why adderall would be any more habit forming than vyvanse; they both have the same active ingredient... Anyway, if you need the medication every day, than it makes sense that a habit of remembering to take the pill would be a good one to have. That, and the fact that you have a positive response history with adderall makes me wonder why your doctor is prescribing Vyvanse.

Congratulations on your sobriety. My brother is currently in the throws of a meth cycle; he has struggled with the drug for over a decade now. I often wonder if he would benefit from medication, as he is clearly self-medicating. It is really cool to hear about a doctor who understands ADHD and addiction, and their co-morbidity, and who is willing to try some unconventional methods, i.e. prescribing the active ingredient in a medication that an addict used to abuse in the form of street drugs.

10-13-16, 08:02 PM
Congrats :)

I'm a Recovering addict; clean since 03/25/88, and taking (2) 70mg Vyvanse

daily, after years of trial & error.

I also take (2) 75mg of Effexor, after more years of trial & error.

I sincerely wish you all the best :)


mctavish23 :cool:

10-16-16, 10:59 PM
Hey! Thanks.. I take it one day at a time, my sobriety is a blessing from my higher power for real. But my dr. thinks that adderall IR is more alike meth than vyvanse, and the insurance i have now, will not cover adderall time released. so I guess I will just wait til we can figure out what to do about that.. lol

As for your brother, he probably is self medicating.. i read on here somewhere that alot of addicts self medicate.. I did at first, until I got hooked on the IV way, then it became more of a numbing the pain thing.. and I lost complete control of every aspect of my life. I can honestly say, I have met the devil inside of myself. and I dont ever want to go back again! Ill be praying for ur brother. he will find his light eventually! dont loose faith!

10-16-16, 11:04 PM
do you think that because of me using speed at such high quantities in the past will require me to be medicated at those levels!? like maybe it affected my brains ability to focus more so. I understand the drug is bad for u, but i just wonder if there have ever been studies done on the effects?!

Congrats on your sobriety as well! thats great news!

10-16-16, 11:06 PM
that seems to make LOTS of sense! thank you bunches!

10-18-16, 01:55 AM
Congrats cortylynn on your sobriety. Ive been sober since 2012. I know for some people who used meth or other types of speed, instant release meds can be tempting. Regarding adderall xr, Have you called your insurance and asked if they would cover it if the doc said it was medically necessary? Sort of like an appeal? I know when cymbalta wasnt generic my insurance needed a pre-auth that it was the only drug that would work for me, and that there was no covered equivalent that would work as well.

11-26-16, 10:27 AM
First of all, congrats on your sobriety! I'm coming up on 6 months myself - I really do believe that myself and a lot of adders self medicate so finding the right drug is essential.

I'm addicted to research and I read and read and read feedback on Vyvanse after my experience and I think some people almost seem to metabolize it much faster or something for whatever reason.

For me, it would work really really well for 2-3 hours and after that I would just feel so tired, couldn't focus, could barely form sentences.

I ended up playing around with taking higher doses because I had things to do, go to work, live my life, etc. and couldn't see my doctor for a few weeks, and still would work great for a few hours, then death feeling. Like my normal add but worse.

Before that my doctor tried me on Concerta, which had no effect. The same as taking an advil. Maybe just needed a higher dose not sure.

My doctor is also very hesitant about Adderall...doesn't really seem to be up for discussion...or IR meds...frustrating because we should have access to the same options as everyone else. Our chances of abusing any of them are equal in my opinion - they're all stimulants and an addict will find a way if they really want to lol. But we don't want to, which is why we're trying to recover, get help, etc.

Anyways...good luck!!