View Full Version : 2 months in to Ritalin XR with unstable results.

10-13-16, 11:42 AM
Greetings everyone!

I've been casually lurking these forums since I started taking methylphenidate (medikanet Adult),and your insight has been a great source of knowledge. Thanks!

Now I'd like to ask you about a dosage issue :-)

Background on my medication progress thus far:
My doctor started me on a 5mg dose and upped the dosage by 5mg each week to a maximum of 20mg.since I'm on an extended release form of methylphenidate, I only need to take one or two pills a day depending on what works best for me.

So now I'm at 20mg, and every day feels different in terms of drug potency. Sometimes it is just right, other times I feel like it's too much. I've started wondering if my diet may be affecting the level of potency, saturation, or basically how good/bad I feel from the medicine. I'm just not certain, so I thought I'd ask you.

1. Have any of you felt inconsistencies in the effects of taking a set dosage of extended release methylphenidate?

2. Do you notice a difference in the release, uptake, or side effects depending on what you eat before taking the medication? (e.g. a high protein and moderate fat breakfast V.S. a breakfast consisting of primarily carbohydrates)

3. If 20mg is just too much for me, is there a way that I can cut back on the level of absorption into my blood stream?

I drink plenty of water
I eat a large breakfast before taking methylphenidate (as recommended by my doctor and the drug paperwork).
I do not enjoy eating once the medication takes effect, so I typically skip lunch and have a large early dinner once I'm hungry again.


10-14-16, 01:14 PM
Quick update: Today was a perfect day, so I will make tomorrow's breakfast exactly the same as today's in hopes of making some kind of discovery.

For those who are wondering, I ate 3 scrambled eggs (cooked with butter), one tortilla, and one mini cucumber.

Normally I just eat scrambled eggs or grab something from the bakery. This means I am either eating only protein with fat or carbs, but never together. This time I mixed them together with some additional fiber and some macro-nutrients. Hopefully I can repeat my success tomorrow :-)

11-14-16, 04:56 AM
So it turns out that I am still adjusting to the medication. It doesn't make a difference what I eat, as 20 MG no longer has that much effect on me. My doctor has upped my dosage to 30MG in the morning and 10MG in the afternoon.

Apparently finding the correct sustainable dosage is tricky....

12-14-16, 06:08 PM
Are you on generic Ritalin? The brand often works more consistently than generics.

When I was on Ritalin LA I felt like its effectiveness would fluctuate a lot throughout the day, but it seemed to work roughly the same way every day. I would get the initial kick about 30 minutes in and then about 2 hours in the effectiveness would start decreasing and fluctuate a bit until the second release would kick in about 1.5 hours later. I went all the way up to 40 mg until my pdoc and I realized that the dose wasn't the issue and that 40 mg was too high for me. Then I tried Concerta and it was more consistent than Ritalin but I was getting hallucinations on it, so I switched back to Ritalin LA and learned how to manage the inconsistencies and fluctuations.

Have you tried Concerta? I've been told that it's more consistent and steady throughout the day. (hallucinations are a relatively rare side effect, so you have nothing to worry about)