View Full Version : What's the difference between Ritalin and Adderall

10-13-16, 04:04 PM
Hi I am 51 years old and was recently diagnosis with ADD and ADHD (i kinda knew i had this my whole life but got worse as i got older) My doctor put me on 10 mg of ritalin to start twice a day. The first day i really didn't feel anything but was more alert and then got tired about 2 hours after taking it. As the days went on and i took my doses about an hour after i got so fatigued that i felt like i wanted to sleep that lasted about an hour then i just felt drained. I went to the doctor today and he is now putting me on 10 mg of adderall. Can anyone tell me what the difference is? Thank you

10-13-16, 05:24 PM
Ritalin/methylphenidate (

Adderall/amphetamine (