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10-14-16, 01:32 AM
Hey Guys :),

I've just started my adhd treatment a couple months ago and i've made an observation that's interesting and I've been wondering if its just me that's experiencing this or if other people have had similar reactions.

Okay, whats happened is. I feel like i've given up a part of my personality and its been exchanged for the less fun but more functional version. let me explain. Before I started treatment i was always able to focus, albeit poorly, on a whole bunch of things simultaneously, for example, I could watch a T.V episode of my favorite show while scrolling facebook and writing a letter. to be fair each of these things would suffer a little, i'd miss bits of the show and i wouldn't understand what my friend is saying but now I can only focus on one thing to the expense of everything else.. like i'm in a bubble and everything else doesn't exist..

It sounds like i'm complaining and i'm not, the thing i'm doing is usually of a FAR higher quality than what i'm used to but now i have to schedule things and do them consecutively and not together haha its more of an adjustment sort of thing but i'm wondering if this rings true to any of you (unintentional rhyme)

Thanks guys,
all the best.

10-14-16, 05:59 PM
Don't have any advice. Just wanted to say thanks for the insight. My daughter has just started on Vyvanse and she's a serious multitasker as well (with varying degrees of quality), so this helps me understand how it might possibly affect her and alter her way of getting things done.

10-14-16, 07:10 PM
Definitely your point resonates!

Many of us have experienced this.