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10-14-16, 03:44 PM
Hello everyone. I have a very serious question. I am 21 years of age now and I just got prescribed vyvanse again. I haven't been prescribed them since I was 16 years old. When I went to the pharmacy to get my script, the pharmacist said that she couldn't find my history with it. They have a new system that only tracks controlled substances from up to two years ago. I told her "I don't want to take these if it's going to get me in trouble", and she laughed and said I wouldn't be in trouble. So this morning my doctor called me and asked me to come in. He then told me he couldn't find my diagnosis as a child and couldn't find my history with vyvanse. So I told him "I do not want to take these if it's going to get me in trouble." He told me to start on a lower dose since I haven't taken them in forever and I left. I just want to make sure I can't get in trouble even though they can't find the records of me taking vyvanse. But the doctor and the pharmacist both let me leave with the medication. Is there anything I should be worried about?

10-14-16, 04:14 PM
No, there's nothing to be worried about with regard to your treatment history. People stop and start medication treatment for all kinds of reasons (no insurance, move to a new place, doctor retired and couldn't find a new one right away, meds stopped working well, got sick of taking them, couldn't afford them, etc.). It's not a big deal.

As long as your meds were prescribed by a legitimate doctor who believes you have ADHD and would benefit from them, and you take them as prescribed, and you and your doctor are in contact to monitor how well the medication works or in case you have any side effects, you're good.

10-14-16, 04:20 PM
Thank you so much. I was so nervous (even though I know
I did nothing wrong), but I've heard of people who "seek out" medication and get felonies for it for not having proof of previous prescribed medication.

10-14-16, 04:24 PM
I've heard of people who "seek out" medication and get felonies for it for not having proof of previous prescribed medication.
You can't get a felony simply because you don't have a record of getting treatment when you were a kid and now want to get treatment again.

People who are really "drug-seeking" -- who go from doctor to doctor until someone writes them a prescription (even if they don't really have ADHD), or who try to get multiple prescriptions and fill them at different pharmacies, or who sell their medication -- they can get in big trouble. (And the doctors who write prescriptions to people without ADHD can also get in trouble.)

There are sometimes pharmacists who might look at people with prescriptions for ADHD meds suspiciously, just because there are some dishonest people or drug abusers out there, but fortunately, it doesn't sound like that's the case here.

You should be fine. :)

Good luck with the new (or new again) medication!

10-14-16, 04:28 PM
Thank you so much. My mind is at ease now!

10-20-16, 06:04 AM
Wow, I was wondering if there was some new policy about pharmacists needing prior history that I was unaware of! I have never heard of a pharmacy giving a rats as* if you have been on a medication for years, or never had it. Lots of people who have no history with pain meds get surgery and are prescribed them and they arent questioned.