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10-16-16, 07:01 PM
Hi all, I'm new to the forum. (This was supposed to be short- but I got carried away:p)

I have been medicated for depression/anxiety and ADHD since I was a child. I'm now 25, and have changed doctors several times due to moving. My last psychiatrist worked with me for 6 months to get the right balance of Wellbutrin and Adderall because I was struggling with depression from my most recent move. After a couple months of smoothness my doctor deployed, so last month I was forced to go to the clinic's other psychiatrist.

From the second I walked in the room it was clear he didn't believe in medicating for adult ADHD (maybe doesn't even believe in it). During my first visit he determined I didn't need adderall (cold turkey=not good). He was extremely rude and demeaning (go figure-army doc) and after I voiced my concern he told me I could do an ADHD screening.

My testing was the Minnesota multiphase personality inventory (MMPI) and a WAIS test and a very short talk. Anyhow, I've been off medicine for 2 months now and am struggling so much with my ADHD- but their diagnosis from my "ADHD test" was anxiety- THANKS DOC I ALREADY KNEW THAT. That doesn't explain why I have all the symptoms of ADHD and they got exponentially worse off medication.

I go back to the doctor this week and I'm having an anxiety attack over it. I feel like he is convinced that I have a problem because I disagree with his diagnosis and thinks I am not being open minded. Maybe I am not being open minded, but How can I be open minded when my psychiatrist thinks he knows better that all the doctors I've been working with for over a decade within 30 mins of talking to me?!

Any suggestion?!?!? Any help or encouragement is welcome! I'm so miserable trying to balance my life right now and I really choke up talking to him(you would too, unless you really enjoy being talked down to and belittled). Also, unfortunately I am seeing the psychiatrist at an overseas military base behavioral health center- so finding a new doctor isn't an option. I'm at the point where I feel like i need to spend thousands of dollars to fly to the states to get the healthcare I need.

10-16-16, 07:44 PM
I don't know all your options. Surely the army could send you to a doctor that specialises in ADD.

10-17-16, 04:24 AM
This is a re-post of what I just posted on a different thread. But in that case the OP was from Canada, where I have some experience. I have no idea whether the same articles and advice on dealing with "bureaudocs" might apply to your Army doc, but they might. Have a look and see if there's anything you might use.

My second idea is to consult with some of the Dutch posters on this board, and see if you can get anyone to help you in the Netherlands. There seems to be a whole different attitude there, plus private ADHD clinics where you can pay, so they might serve you as a paying non-resident???

Here goes...and good luck!

A Little Light Reading (Ha Ha)
Justine, I don't know if this could help you with either your current doc or a 2nd opinion, but I see you are in Canada, as I am (most of the time). I was lucky to be treated by a very alert pdoc in Calgary years ago who was suspicious of my depression diagnosis and started prescribing stimulants alongside anti-depressants. The combo worked very well for maybe 10 years.

Unfortunately my current doc doesn't seem to have much of a clue about ADHD, so I have been re-educating myself about the current research.

Recently, thanks to a post by weaselish on another thread I came across a very helpful 2009 article which was intended at that time to alert the Canadian profession to the likelihood of encountering undiagnosed ADHD in adults either with or masquerading as depression. If you can wade through it, it contains many helpful discussions and clarifications, some of which may apply to you. The full text is free here:

Unfortunately, more recently this careful detailed approach has been followed in 2012 by a much shorter paint-by-numbers approach which leaves out all the subtlety of the earlier paper. This time they want $12 for the full text...don't bother, but you should copy the abstract because this is the mindless approach you are up against now:

And if I may interject my own advice, keep in mind that people in bureaucracies (which most Canadian docs are) tend to be obsessed with CYA and the danger that they might be lured into prescribing stimulants to someone who abuses them, thereby endangering their licence.

So when a patient takes the direct approach of saying "I obviously have ADHD...give me amphetamines," you set off all sorts of red flags. Better to accept that this is probably going to take more time than you would like, but that you are more likely to be successful if you take the indirect approach of never letting the term "ADHD" cross your lips, but only talk about symptoms and the impact they are having on your functioning and your life. Like a stubborn child, it's better to "help" the doc come to the conclusion you want all by him- or herself. Use the first article to help guide your descriptions.

I have more articles on the neurobiological links between ADHD and depression, if you are interested for your own knowledge. But I'm pretty sure more "google-fu smartassery" is not going to help you with your present problem! Good luck with this.

10-18-16, 02:54 AM
Have you point blank asked him:
"Is there any reason why you are over-ruling and discounting your collegue Doctor "so-and-so" and his assessment and treatment of my disorder?"
Whats the worst that happens? He already has denied you your prescriptions. Sometimes catching doctors off guard can work in your favor.