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10-18-16, 12:17 AM
I was recently diagnosed with ADHD and my doctor started me on 50mg of vyvanse. I don't think the dosage is working because my symptoms are still present and I don't feel focused. When it starts to wear off after about 6 hours, which isn't quite long enough for me, I start to feel foggy and get these subtle, but oh so annoying headaches. I also find it hard to eat when it wears off(not during) and my anxiety worsens and is pretty bad on the days I don't take it. So I've been googling some stuff and decided on 3 things that might help and I am looking for some suggestions on what others think. I know my doctor can recommend things, but I'm looking for people who have actually experienced this stuff. So I was thinking of talking to my doctor to see if a good course of action would be to raise my dosage and put me on an anti-anxiety medication for night time and/or days I don't take vyvanse. Another option is raising the dosage or keeping it the same and adding a different IR medication for the afternoon. Or just changing from vyvanse to something completely different. Thanks to anyone who can give me some advice!

10-18-16, 01:34 AM
I have never had good experience with vyvanse but that doesnt mean its a bad medication. It does sound like its not working for you. Have you considered dexedrine? Its the same stuff thats in vyvanse but it works differently and such.