View Full Version : I think after christmas it will be time.

10-18-16, 01:14 PM
I think after Christmas it will be time for me to find a different job, anyone got any suggestions about the types of job you feel I'd be good at? :thankyou::grouphug:

10-18-16, 02:53 PM
is there anything even remotely related to animals in your area?
what about a pet supply store?

10-18-16, 02:57 PM
Definitely something with animals though I can imagine you doing brilliantly in any kind of profession that requires nurturing or it taking care of someone in some way.

10-18-16, 03:27 PM
Unfortunately there's no work with animals round here, not that I can get to anyways so realistically I've got to take whatever I get offered, I would still love to work with animals though, I volunteer at the rescue kennels for an hour a week and love it there <3