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10-18-16, 03:55 PM
I'm in my second year of college since being diagnosed with ADHD. I am currently taking 60mg vyvanse after being bumped up from 50mg. I just don't feel like it is working properly though and I feel the opposite of how I did when I was taking it at this time one year ago. I can't seem to pay attention in class, get myself to do work or even stay on task. I'm almost worse off than I was without the medication because on top of not being able to focus I think it is making me feel anxious/depressed all day. I'm struggling to socialize and I probably spend the majority of my day obsessing over the thought that the vyvanse isn't working I guess it is giving me anxiety and the only thing I seem to focus on is frantically searching through this site trying to find the solution. I want to say I'm in a hyper focus on this. With the 50mg I seemed to get a couple good hours but then I would crash and go right into the anxious/depressed not wanting to socialize or do anything state for the rest of the day. The 60mg seemed to improve my mood for the first week or two but yesterday and today I've felt very out of it, it just doesn't seem right. Do I just need to give it time?

Also, I take 10mg tab of evekeo on days that I don't take the vyvanse. I don't take it as often because I usually need full day coverage but may use it on a weekend etc. I notice I'm having a much better response to the evekeo though as I can focus and do work. I looked up that evekeo is more similar to adderall. Adderall is 75 percent dextroamphetamine and 25 percent levoamphetamine, Evekeo is an even 50 percent of each. I have never taken adderall.

It has gotten so bad that I was thinking I would just use evekeo for the rest of the week because I'd rather have a few productive hours than be miserable all day on vyvanse. Or do you think a lower dose of vyvanse might be the solution? I am seeing my psychiatrist monday. I'd appreciate any insight or similar stories and possible solutions. Thanks.

10-18-16, 05:06 PM
Did the doctor start you on 50 mg? The usual starting dose is 30 mg so it's possible that dose could be better for you but you didn't have chance to try it.

If you did start low and increase slowly, you may actually do better on a higher dose. Top recommendation is 70 mg, but doctor may determine you need even more.

Or it is entirely possible that a different medication like Evekeo would work better for you personally. You may want to ask the doctor about trying Evekeo on a daily basis vs changing your dose of Vyvanse.

10-18-16, 06:52 PM
You should have no or very few side effects. That feeling of cognitive anxiety is a side effect.

Although when I started, changed or upped my dose there were more side effects.

These settle down. That was my experience.

10-18-16, 10:19 PM
Well when I first was prescribed medication a little over a year ago I started at a low dose and worked my way up. I was on a trial period over the summer and going into my first year of college that I had been taking medication my doc put me on 60mg vyvanse and it worked wonders for my first semester. I was constantly in an obsessed state of mind that I had to be getting my work done or whatever studying had to be done etc, I was outgoing. I was on 60mg for most of the semester and was then bumped up to 70mg toward the end because I felt it was losing its effectiveness. This was after at least 2 or 3 months though, would euphoria last that long? This was my most productive period and I feel like it was also my most confident, I was outgoing and it was a good thing. I just don't understand how the same dose could be having the total opposite effect now.

So during this first semester I got straight As for the first time in my life, I had never even come close before. Then I had about a 7 week break between semesters and did not take meds as my doctor recommended. In the Spring 2016 semester I was taking 70mg vyvanse and I was not having as good of a response as the first semester, my thoughts were racing and things like that I remember things like reading a sentence I needed to memorize and as soon as I looked away I could not remember what it was, so my doctor moved me back down to 50mg and it seemed to be working better. I ended up doing pretty well that semester finishing with a 3.8. I definitely did start to notice anxiety becoming an issue, I guess mainly social anxiety and when playing sports, but nothing compared to how I have been feeling now in my third semester on vyvanse.

So basically in my first semester on 60mg vyvanse I was super motivated and interested in what I was learning for the first time in my life and always on task. During my second semester when I was on 70mg vyvanse and then 50mg I was not as excited to do work etc. but I knew it had to be done and was able to do it, pay attention in class and sit down and stay focused on getting my work done. Now in my third semester I started on 50mg and bumped up to 60mg a couple weeks ago and am having an awful response all around. I am struggling socially, I have no motivation to do anything really. Even beyond work I just can't find enjoyment in the things I used to.

Also, it seems strange that it has basically been this way from the start, after I was not taking any medication all summer/ about 3 months I feel like tolerance would have went away so I'm starting to think the dose being too high is the only logical explanation.

The 50mg would give me about 2 good hours but then the rest of the day I would just go back to feeling awful and not wanting to do anything. Now on the 60 I feel like it might actually be even worse. The only thing I've really been able to truly commit my full focus to is addforums and I feel like it is a hyperfocus.

10-18-16, 10:40 PM
Also, some other side effects I'm noticing are that I'm having unbearable amounts of sweat through my armpits all day long and I feel like my heart is beating a little faster than it should be but I don't have any pains, not sure if these could also be an indicator, or related to anxiety or that they will just decrease with time.

10-18-16, 10:44 PM
Call the doctor and report what you report here. Tell them you need an immediate appointment.

You don't have to figure this all out. That's what you're paying a doctor for--for you and them to figure out the next step together.

Now there is another part of all of this ... which is practicing getting yourself started ... setting a 5-minute timer to get going, reading about anti-procrastination techniques and starting a trial-and-error process with different head games you can play--in addition to the medication.

Also, are you getting good sleep? ... Exercising? ... Those are great for people with ADHD as is walking in parks and in nature.


10-18-16, 11:06 PM
Vyvanse is the weakest ADHD medication per milligram of those based on amphetamine.

When someone reports Vyvanse not working, my first suspicion is that the dose is too low.


10-19-16, 09:11 AM
It seems like I've read a lot of posts from people who take a meds break and find that the meds don't work as well when they restart them. I wonder why that is?

10-19-16, 10:45 AM
It seems like I've read a lot of posts from people who take a meds break and find that the meds don't work as well when they restart them. I wonder why that is?

Im going to make a guess and suspect it has a lot to do with expectations, before and after treatment, and the disappointment of unmet expectations.

It is hard (impossible?) for a single person to objectively measure efficacy.

Hence the use of clinical data.


10-19-16, 12:47 PM
I think it takes time because of the guts role in Vyvanses effectivity.

... but the question was how we do know if the dosage is too high.

I become speedy, nervous, want to switch tasks faster than I can, have a worse attention and I feel my pulse.

10-19-16, 05:14 PM
Im going to make a guess and suspect it has a lot to do with expectations, before and after treatment, and the disappointment of unmet expectations.

It is hard (impossible?) for a single person to objectively measure efficacy.

Hence the use of clinical data.


I think you are right because a lot of it was that I had a great response to the medication in the past and knowing that I was expecting to come back and be at the same place and wasn't definitely contributed to the debilitating effect.

Today I only took evekeo and felt much better. My focus was much much better and I don't feel any of the negative side effects I had with the vyvanse. I took it a little over 5 hours ago so I'm guessing it will wear off within the hour as I think it's usually good for 6 hours. However I was much more productive during these 6 hours than I have been during the 12 hours after taking vyvanse.. I think it is time to switch to something beside vyvanse. I've had great focus today, no worrying/anxiety/depression, more sociable and overall happier, just felt like I got a lot more out of the day.

10-19-16, 05:16 PM
I think it takes time because of the guts role in Vyvanses effectivity.

... but the question was how we do know if the dosage is too high.

I become speedy, nervous, want to switch tasks faster than I can, have a worse attention and I feel my pulse.

I'm not sure what you mean by speedy, but I definitely experienced all of the other things you listed. Very nervous, horrible attention span and I could definitely feel my pulse. Also the wanting to switch tasks faster I didn't really think about that but I definitely would become impatient before finishing something and be yearning to be on to the next thing.

10-19-16, 06:31 PM
I mean with speedy it kicks in too strong and feels like fast-forward mode or makes me
faster than my environment or I will stress others by too much speed in my thoughts.
Otherwise speedy also means like Speed which is dirty street AMP.

If I take a micro-dosage of Vyvanse which means 3-4mg (i take 35-40mg/day)
it becomes a sweet anti-dullant like a real anti-depressant should be but nothing else.
It makes me a smile on my face.

If I take 20mg it makes me more tired than waked up but no effects on symptoms.

IMHO the perfect level is exactly on the edge between "tired" and "speedy".
I dont want to feel like on a drug and I dont want to be perceived like on a drug.
I know its hard to find people without attitudes to give a good respond.
I feel best if I look calm for others but feel think-active inside. In other words:
if I think before talking.

When I have too much I also talk too much and people look at me twice like
"Whats up with this guy?".

A perfect adjusted dosage of Vyvanse is in my experience sadly somewhere
below or above of a capsules dosage. I have 70mg and 40mg capsules.
I take it for one year now. I like 1/2x 70mg=35mg more than the 40mg and
I learned to feel which dosage is better for each day. If I would go for a perfect
adjustment I think / I know I would need 37mg38mg.

30mg only lasted for 8 hours.

If I take 50mg, 60mg or 70mg the more I increase the dosage I feel my pulse
stronger, I sweat more and more, I become a kind of "RoadRunner" (MeepMeep),
super-task-switcher, nervous, bad attention and experience also a crash instead
of a sweet nights effectiveness end at night only decreasing my attention.

It is not all about upping the dosage due to tolerance rumors but also about
lowering the dosage for better medication results.

When I upped it with a booster (10mg after 3-6h) due to a lack of effectiveness
(bad day) or I slept bad or what ever I experience a crash at night and it makes me
exhausted (amphe-burnt) after some days and I need a break of 1-3 days relax
from the med and restart at 35-40mg.

Last but not least: If I take too much of Vyvanse I sometimes begin craving for more.

I hope this insight helps a little bit.

10-19-16, 06:40 PM
You had a break of two months or so and your body used the time to detoxify from AMP.
I never had breaks over 3 weeks or just took it for 1-3 days to keep my body used to the
chemical. I think you have to get used to it again and to re-adjust it probably to a lower
dosage. Mind AMP and especially Vyvanse has an effect on our metabolism.

10-20-16, 03:38 PM
Today I am definitely noticing that "speed" feeling on the evekeo and am unable to concentrate very well, am impatient and unable to complete one task without wanting to go on to the next one. Once I hit a slight challenge I'm giving up and doing something else instead of figuring it out. I don't have the crazy anxiety I was getting with vyvanse I guess because 10mg evekeo is a lot weaker than 60mg vyvanse but I guess this means it is still too high a dose? I think I will talk to my doc about moving to 5mg evekeo and a lower dose of vyvanse.

01-10-17, 02:20 PM
I started vyvanse almost 3 years ago and worked up from 30mg to 70mg now. A few weeks ago I split a capsule over the weekend and noticed that I was less tired and more focused. My job requires me to be creative and I find that I actually work better on a lower dose. I kept the 70mg prescription though because it's expensive and my insurance doesn't cover it.

01-24-17, 04:05 PM
In my opinion,

When I was still trying new medications, I would request lower dosages if I noticed I was entering what is called "hyper-focused" mode.... A better term for it would be <b> LAZER- FOCUS </b>

This seems good a first, but when you end up going down 16 hour rabbit holes because you found some calculus problem you simply can't solve.... This will happen at the expense of moving on to the other questions that you can answer.

For me this was the leading cause of low test scores on midterms etc... because I would spend nearly the entire time working on one problem and I would lose my perception of time, so it would seem like all 90 minutes passed in 20 minutes.

These are just a few of the symptoms that I would say indicate your does is a bit too high.